PC Cases

This nifty R2D2-inspired case mod features a VIA MiniITX M2 1200 motherboard, 1GB of Corsair Value Select RAM, and a 250GB Seagate hard drive.
Now, this sure is a shitty computer! It was created for QuakeCon2001. It is made of a child's training toilet from Wal-Mart ($9.00). A long green LED light its used to make the toilet glow green in the dark, and the flusher is the power switch!
Peter from Bit-Tech decided to create a PC case based on the popular TV show "24" — resembling a weapon of mass destruction aka atomic bomb. Features include a large dot matrix LED display, water cooling, custom built double radiator, and a concealed DVD drive. The folks at Colorado-based Chopper Computers design cases that look like sexed up choppers, complete with custom paintjobs and, by the look of this photo, your very own motorcycle mama. A real acoustic guitar! It was cut and trimmed in order to accommodate a small-factor motherboard, a really cool case to suite any audiophile interior .It was create an Intel’s request mod with a music theme to it. The GuitarPC features a windowed cdrom mod with stealth door, built-in speakers, activated (to music from speakers) or steady on. remote control operation for power and cdrom eject with key chain remote. Daniele Procida could not bear to see a dead Mac thrown away - so he reconstructed it using Lego bricks pinched from his sons. Rather than bin the Powerbook laptop, he refurbished it using hundreds of colourful pieces, set on mottled artificial green grass. It was finally sold at eBay for more than £87.92 This is another interesting example of ingenious in the process of the creation of new model of cases using simples things. The result is the PVC PC made it out of PVC pipes; a cheap way to make a nice sturdy frame. I thought it would be artsy-fartsy to have a storyline to go along with the case.... See the treasure chest? That's supposed to be a buried treasure chest that scientists discovered at an archeological dig. They found out that it emits mystical power shiznit stuff... so they decided to use it on an experiment (the PC). And now it's got ahold of the PC and it's giving off this strange red pulsing light (red pulsing LEDs).


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