You've Been Blagged!

I was blagged by Theresa H. Hall
Hope I do this right. ;)

Ok, here goes.......
These are the rules and details of the Blag:
Each player starts with eight random facts or habits about his or her self. These blagged chosen ones are to write posts on their own blog about these eight facts. They are also to post these rules. At the end of their blog they will list eight people they have chosen to blag by listing their name and a link to their blog.

Heres eight random facts or habits about me.

  1. I would rather be playing on the internet, than to eat a good meal.
  2. I hate doing anything if I can't do it right and most times, if I can't, then I won't even do it.
  3. My hair has turned blonde over the years and I need glasses. (getting old is hell) LOL!
  4. Love kids and maybe I miss kids being around.
  5. Love playing with dogs.
  6. Hate food that's good for me.
  7. Don't see people enough that means the most to me.
  8. Enjoy reading and writing a lot.

Here are the eight people I have blagged. Have fun Blagging.


  • Loon said....

    Thanks for the tag :) I will get to it soon as I can either before bed or some time later today

  • wornoutwoman said....

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • wornoutwoman said....

    Hey there....great read. I love finding new things out about others. I just did this not too long ago...you can read at:

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