Lindsay Lohan plays with knives.

News of the World claims these photos were taken four months ago at a party right after Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab the first time. The photos show Lindsay holding a knife to a friend's throat, as well as putting it in her mouth and running it down her breast. They're pretty interesting, I guess, but nowhere near as shocking as the paper would have you believe. Although nobody in their right mind should let Lindsay Lohan near them with a knife. She drove her car up onto a curb and can barely walk in a straight line. She has the motor skills of a toddler. And she's so stupid she'd probably stab you anyway, laughing the whole time while yelling, "I'm pranking you! I'm pranking you so good!"

NOTE: Turns out the super hot friend is Vanessa Minnillo.


  • Lisa said....

    Lindsay Lohan will not be helped until her mother gets the help that she needs. She lives in the next town, and friends of mine have seen her out and about at the hot spots behaving like a child herself(two friends even hung out with her one night because she went to high school with one of them--and apparently, she was in the bathroom every half hour with her "assistant" doing God knows what). When a woman is 44 and weighs less than a twelve year old, you can usually bet that some kind of drug is involved. She will continue to make excuses for her daughter, because to admit that her daughter has a problem is to admit that she does, as well.

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