Ok, NOT a happy day here!

Why do people think they have to monkey with something when it's not broke. Guess they aren't happy until it is broken!
A few months back, Adelphia sold to Comcast. Wasn't bad enough that Comcast lost my email account when it transferred over, but now some time in the night last night our cable channels changed and now they are all screwed up. Preview channel says one channel is one thing but is something else, and we aren't getting all the channels we should be getting. If it isn't one thing with Comcast, it's something else! And I'm really starting to get pissed off with them!

Sad part of it all is Comcast is the only choice we have here in this back woods part of GA. other than AOHELL. And I can't go back to dail-up! :(
Bottom line:: Comcast, you suck!


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