Once again stirring shit!

Rosie O'Donnell has upset fans after posting a photo of her young daughter Vivian in a bullet sash on her personal Web site.

The outspoken talk-show host received a string of e-mails from devotees who check out her daily blogs.

Pacifist O'Donnell posted the controversial photo of her daughter online on Tuesday as a visual attack on the Iraq War.

Geezzzz! Is there anything this nasty pig bitch won't do???? I don't think so if she will go as far as this with her daughter!


  • Catherine, the redhead said....

    I know this sounds like an odd comment, but I think Rosie looks like she is suffering from hypothyroidism. Her actions and personality changes, along with a life-long battle with depression look an awful lot like a major thyroid issue that she has never had diagnosed.
    I studied this disease for years and much of her actions remind me of someone suffering from the disease along with adrenal failure.
    I enjoyed your blog-
    Catherine, the redhead

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