Top5 Comic-book heroes

Superman (“Superman”/DC)As the first big cape wearing, costumed-hero, Supe’s a gimme pick. That’s not to say that legacy earns the Man of Steel his spot — his impressive list of powers alone would put him at the top of the game. Besides flying and a host of neat eye tricks, he packs super strength, super speed, super breath, super hearing and pretty much every other trait with “super” in front of it. Heck, he even has the power to keep the masses in the dark about his secret identity with nothing more than horn-rimmed glasses. Now that’s impressive. If it weren’t for a seemingly endless supply of Kryptonite and near-invincible villains like Doomsday, it’s doubtful Earth would ever need another hero.

Wonder Woman (“Wonder Woman”/DC)Female badasses may be de rigueur now, but it was Wonder Woman that paved the way for girl power. It all started when Hyppolyta, queen of the Amazons, fashioned Diana from clay and the Greek gods bestowed life to her. The princess went on to become champion of the Amazons and left Paradise Island to help us mere mortals deal with the Nazi menace. Her massive strength and ability to forge invisible items are cool enough, but it’s her weapons that usually save the day. See, Wonder Woman knows how to accessorize. She rocks a razor-edged throwing tiara, indestructible bracelets and the multifunction divine Lasso of Truth.

Batman (“Batman”/DC)Unlike the rest of the A-list superheroes, Bruce Wayne lacks special powers. He’s just a human. Well, he’s a fantastically rich, impressively intelligent, mopey emo human, but still. Widely considered the world’s greatest detective (take that Sherlock Holmes), Batman battles the campiest band of baddies in the business. While he almost always saves the day, there’s a particularly high recidivism rate among those crazy criminals. That’s mainly because the Dark Knight frowns on killing. He’s cool with a good crippling now and again, though. When he’s not obsessing with how to bring down the bad guys, he’s studying the good guys’ weaknesses. Yes, despite being a founding Justice League bigwig, along with Superman and Wonder Woman, he keeps tabs on his friends.

Spider-Man (“The Amazing Spider-Man”/Marvel)Here’s the one hero you’d want to hang out with. Despite being endowed with some awesome superpowers after a radioactive spider bit him, Spider-Man, or rather Peter Parker, is just a regular Joe. When his spidey senses aren’t tingling, he’s a friendly, typically flawed person with bills to pay and personal tragedies to work out. This is the type of stuff loads of comics avoid, citing the audience’s need to escape from normal life, but it’s what makes the web slinger’s story work. It leaves the readers feeling like, “Hey, I’m just a bug bite away from greatness!”

Colossus (“X-Men”/Marvel)Now for the man of organic steel, X-Men’s Colossus, aka Peter Rasputin! The big, shiny guy isn’t tricked out with loads of gimmicks. He pretty much just does the one thing: turn to steel. But it’s more impressive than it sounds. In his metal form, he’s wicked strong — he deflects bullets with his eyes — and nearly indestructible. And there’s no better friend to have when times get tough. While he’d prefer not to battle at all, Colossus will step in the path of danger anytime before letting someone else get hurt. Plus, being a direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin, he gets bonus points for his family tree. No wonder Kitty Pryde’s so fond of him.

Wow, No vote for the Incredible Hulk??????
Thought Batman would have rated better than 3rd! Oh well, comic books will always rule #1 with me! :)


  • Wonder Woman said....

    Wahoo!!! I'm a huge fan! Thanks for this informative post. Superhero's are my inspiration to become a better person, and you've helped me to pinpoint qualities in the best of them.

  • jAMiE said....

    Wow, you know a lot about Superheroes... just checking out your blog...will keep on reading!

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