Utah coal mine.

For some reason my mind is stuck on this subject. Turned out really sad!
Now theres the deaths of those three rescue workers and injuries to six others. And they have stopped digging for the six trapped inside. Seems as if they are saying it's over. But they will keep drilling from the top and IF they find them alive, they will drill a bigger hole and send people down the hole.

BUT... What if it isn't to late??? I heard them say that in one case, can't remember where the mine was and when, but they said miners came out alive even after 14 days.

So do they just make that mountain a grave yard for those 6 miners?? Can they just leave the families of those six miners, wondering if they died because they gave up search?? Can the families be happy to bury empty coffins??? I could never if it was some kin of mine in there. I would always wonder!

Have been wondering myself the last couple days. They are doing all this drilling for the last few days, so if going though the entrance to the mine is bad, why haven't they already started drilling from the top of the mountain with the bigger hole instead of wasting days and time, lower people down into the mine on the back side of the mine and get to the miners from behind them.
I just keep thinking that because they stopped digging, that if those six weren't dead............. then they just killed them.


If tunneling doesn't restart, part of the mine will have been turned into a tomb. Despite that, Moore said there is recoverable coal in other parts of the 5,000-acre mine, and the company expected to resume operations at some point. He said he didn't discuss that prospect with family members.

Its hard to believe that the mine owners are saying they will resume operations in other parts of the mine but leave those miners entombed forever. Unthinkable and what a cold hearted SOB he is!


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