So A-Rod does it!

Could A-Rod be making the biggest mistake of his life leaving the NY Yankees??
I think so and what the hell is wrong with the Yankees dumping Torre!
Just who will be willing to pay the money that A-Rod will want to play for them???
Now you have to wonder just who will be next to leave the Yankees.
What is in store for the Yankees next season????

Just to many questions left open to ponder on. LOL!


  • Shelley said....

    "Pay-Rod" obviously respects money more than playing for the Yankees, winning, or even the game of baseball itself. His greed is disgusting, and his timing with his announcement -- during Game 4 of the World Series -- is proof that he puts himself above the game. He's an incredible player and is pretty much a lock for the HOF...but in all honesty, I'm not sorry to see him leave New York.

    As for Torre leaving the Yankees, it's very unfortunate. But team owners can't fire their entire teams, so managers end up getting the blame for losses...and getting fired. I wish new Yankees manager Joe Girardi a lot of luck. He'll need it.

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