Woman Keeps Hair Appointment After Crash.

SOLDOTNA, Alaska —

It was a hair-raising situation when a woman's car plowed into a hair salon. One customer of Tina's Hair Pros was knocked six feet across the room when a car driven by 73-year-old Della Miller crashed into the salon's windows Wednesday, Soldotna police officer Marvin Towle said. The parking area in front of the salon was snow-covered.

The customer was taken to a hospital for an examination.

Miranda Nelson, a stylist, said she was in the back room when she heard the crash.

"I thought a bomb had gone off," Nelson said.

Two large plate-glass windows were destroyed, walls were damaged, and the stonework front outside the salon was smashed, police said.

Towle estimated damage to the building to be at least $15,000, with the car suffering another $2,500 in damage.

Miller was not cited for the crash on private property.

Miller, who was not injured, proceeded with her hair appointment.


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