Chicago Woman, 114, Registers to Vote.


The chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners visited a 114-year-old woman who registered to vote on Thursday. It was also her birthday, according to her family, who cite a family Bible as evidence of her birth date.

Call had voted up until about 20 years ago, when she moved in with her grandson, and did not update her voter registration, family members said.

Call, who sat in a wheelchair wearing a blue sweater and white cap on her head, said little at the news conference, except to ask for more birthday cake and reassure herself that her 82-year-old grandson was nearby.

That grandson, John H. Taylor, said the family would discuss whether Call will actually vote on Feb. 5, but he doubted it, since she doesn't know who any of the candidates are.

Oh man, that is one long life! :)


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