Man Writes Check on 2-Ply Toilet Paper


A man disputing his water bill is not being allowed to pay with a check written on toilet paper. Ron Borgna, who is disputing the $2,509.66 bill, wrote a check on floral print, two-ply toilet paper Wednesday.

The disagreement began in September 2006 when Borgna received a $422.90 water bill. Borgna claims he was overbilled. With additional charges, penalties and late fees that bill has grown.

Binghamton city officials refused to accept the check. After a short argument, Borgna was escorted out of the building, the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin reported.

Borgna says he is appealing the judgment against him in small claims court.


  • shyloh said....

    In a way that is really funny. Well except for the bill.

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