Does it ever end?????

First I want to say 'Thank you' to all who have left me comments, sent me messages, etc, asking how I'm doing.
Sinuses seems to be clearing up more and more every day just fine. As far as the Bells Palsy goes, my right eye and right side of mouth is getting back pretty much to normal. I can now drink from a glass without using a straw and not end up wearing my drink. ;)
Some days are better and some days not so good. The neck pains, headaches, and weakness keeps coming back over and over. I'm wondering if maybe the doctor didn't give meds for long enough to totally make me better. I get tired way to ez and to quick.

But the crap goes on from there. They took some blood when I went to the doctor to do more testing to check me out. Got the answer back from the blood work. Looks like I am a diabetic now.
What the hell?????? Whaaaaaat do I know about being a diabetic??? Who do I protest to about this??? I don't have time for this! LOL! ;) I ain't going without my SWEET tea and Breads. Without those alone is enough to kill me. ;)
Yeah, I'm clowning around, (life is to short to be serious) but I honestly don't think I can go without my very sweet tea. And I love all kinds, any kinds of breads!
Anyway, I go back to doctor in a month and I guess I'll find out just how bad it gets as far as being a diabetic.

I think it's about time to get back to posting the normal BS on the blog that I used to post before getting sick. ;)


  • Mee mOe said....

    My boyfriend is a type 2 diabetic, but he does nothing for it, maybe he doesn't want to admit to himself that its happening to him. He has been a diabetic for over 6 yrs...God Bless !!!

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