Been looking at traffic building widgets today.

I deleted my Spottt widget because I don't feel it's worth taking up space on this site.
Now looking at my Blogupp widget. LadyBanana brought up the question of being able to check tracking on Blogupp. Well there is no way to check stats that I know of, so I went looking.
Blogupp Team says.......
the average blogger, who represents the majority, doesn’t care of stats. Here is LINK
But they say will have a way of checking stats.

So do you care about stats?? I know I do because as I said above, not worth the space on a site if it doesn't work for what you want.

Here is LINK for Blogupp Teams blog.


  • LadyBanana said....

    Hi Chilly, Not sure if you may have seen my post about Woopra, but in that you can see if anyone has clicked on your blog through a Blogupp widget. Not many have though.. EC is the most popular even though they probably drop n go!

    You can also see this info in Google Analytics..

  • Sly said....

    I dropped spottt some time ago. Another waste of space was blogrush... Looks to me like Entrecard really is the best bet for free traffic building. Yeah it takes a lot of work, but it's kinda fun at the same time.

  • LOBO said....

    Try www.sitemeter.com ... it's pretty good for not only telling you where your traffic comes from, but it also can tell you how long they stay and where they go when they leave ...

  • Anonymous

    I use site meter as well..adfreestats is good as well

  • chilly said....

    Adfreestats and Sitemeter are good for building traffic???????????
    hmmmm, never heard of that. I've used adfreestats on my forums boards and I do use Sitemeter on this site now. Those are great for keeping track of what's happening, but I have no idea how to use them for building traffic to a site.

  • Jon said....

    Seems like there are new traffic building widgets coming out every day, but how many of them actually work ? Blogrush was a total waste of time. I logged into my account a couple of days ago and the last post of mine that it syndicated was over a month ago. I still have the widget on my site - just in case - but I don't know for how much longer. Entre card definitely brings me the most hits, but it does have a high bounce rate, suppose you can't have it all.

  • Ann said....

    Chilly, I think if you can't read your stats you can't tell if the advertising is working for you or not. So to answer your question yes, I do care about stats, and I agree with you about the space.

    I haven't decided what I think about Blogupp or Spottt yet either.

    I like your new template. It's really classy and warm.

    I hope you're having a nice week-end~


  • RollerKaty said....

    Hi Chilly,

    Nice new look for your blog!

  • Polly/Kloggers said....

    If you just want to increase blog traffic (not blog readers) then Blogmad gives you increase footfall. However, be warned - you do not get drops if your page is slow to load. You could join up and do a test run and see whether your traffic is noticably up. It all takes time though :) I have recently joined Linkreferral as this is supposed to give you a better 'ping' rating as they review your site daily. Hope that this has been helpful.
    Cheers ~ Polly

  • Rachel said....

    Of course I care about stats lol hubby calls me a stat whore lmao. I don't care though it makes me happy to see the stats and what brings in what reader and what doesn't. If I have a supposed traffic builder on my site and it doesn't tell me how it is working for my site then I would drop it in a heartbeat.


    I do care about stats but still not sure about how to figure it all out. I will check out the widget thing. thanks

  • Rachel S said....

    I check my stats constantly, but it's more curiosity and fascination than anything. I mean, I'm just blogging for fun. But it is cool to see someone from England or Qatar or South Africa or Peru is stopping by every day just to see what I have to say. It's kind of a kick, but only as a curiosity. For bringing in traffic (and finding interesting blogs to read, too), the best I've come across has been Entrecard, but I follow my stats with Extreme Tracking.

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