Excuse me, But why are SOME cops pure assholes?

I have known personally a few cops in my life. There are some very nice cops and some I wouldn't like or trust as far as I could pick one up and throw him.
But something happen to us that really makes me mad every time I think on it. And I just may take it up with the police chief. Run it by you guys and see if I'm just seeing something in this that is not there. So here goes....

Wife was driving home from her moms around 11:00pm when she met a cop head on maybe a mile from home with her high beam lights on. I guess we've all done this before without realizing the lights were on high. Some people will just flash their lights at you to let you know. That's alright.

Anyway, the cop turned around to pull her over, but she drove on home where there's lots of lights to feel more safe. On the way home she called me to meet her outside. When I got out side, I saw her and a police car parked out at the street. I walk across the yard to where they are. There was one cop at her car door and one at the passenger door of the police car with his hand down by his side on his gun.

I get maybe eight feet of her car when two more cop cars drive up, but they didn't stay but a minute or two, then left. The cop at the police car tells me to stop and I wasn't allowed to go to her. I tell him who I am and ask what did she do. He tells me to step away and go back to the house to wait. I ask again what did she do. And he tells me that he's not going to tell me again to step back and go to the house. And that she'll tell me later. I make a statement that you guys are acting like she killed someone or robbed a bank and I didn't care for the way he was snapping at me. He didn't say anything that time and I just walked off and stood in front of the garage and watched. He watched me the whole time after that. LOL!

Ok, they let her go with no ticket. When she drove on up to the house, she told me all about it. The way she talked, I think the cop made a big deal because she never stopped when he wanted her to stop. They even called on the radio for county wide help. Damn, this town and county I live in is nothing but a tiny hole in the ground with only a hand full of cops. We've got only a couple of stop lights in town even. Guess the cops get bored in this back woods place of GA. But I got to tell you, I'm glad she didn't stop and no woman should stop at night. Cop car or no cop car, a woman don't need to stop when they are alone. I remember a few years back at my hometown in NC, there was some dummy running around pretending to being a cop and pulling women over at night. There were a few women raped and beaten until they caught the guy.
Maybe it ticked them off when she wouldn't stop, but they didn't have to act all snappy and like pure assholes!!


  • DineometerDeb said....

    They are probably just insecure with their new found power. Our cops are much better here in Tennessee. (That was a joke)

  • VH said....

    I agree with you on "a woman don't need to stop when they are alone" especially at night and in a secluded area. It was kind of a scary moment there. You never know if the situation is going to escalate.

  • Cat said....

    It sucks if they were rude to you and your wife, but traffic stops are one of the most dangerous circumstances for officers aside from domestic violence calls. I'm a crime analyst in California and I see the other side of the coin. Cops never know who they're attempting to stop on the road, what they've just done or what they have in their cars or pockets. It's a safety procedure to cover both the driver and passenger doors, in the draw position. Cops are vulnerable by approaching from behind and it takes one second for someone to shoot them.

    Just do a google search for traffic stops + officer killed and you'll see how many hits you get. Traffic pursuits are also very dangerous as the whacko fleeing puts many civilian drivers at risk. Your wife refusing to stop, although the safe thing for her to do, put them on edge for a possible pursuit.

    In any case, I'm glad your wife is okay. I just wish people wouldn't be so quick to judge the actions of those who would lay down their life to protect yours.

  • chilly said....

    Cat, I understand and I do agree with you 100%. They do have a dangerous job indeed!!
    I do know of two cops in my home town that were killed. One walked up to a car and was shot in the chest, One other was hit by a car and killed while standing beside a car on the side of the road.
    Know one other that quit the police force and started doing yard work. Said he could make more money doing that and no stupid fool was shooting at him at any given time.
    Just that I don't think they should have been so rude when it was clear that I was no threat. Plus I feel with her being my wife that I had the right to know what was being done and said to her.

    Thanks to all for your comments! :)

  • turnip said....

    My first thought would be that your wife was drunk and didn't want to pull over. The proper thing would have been to put on the emergency lights and pull over at the first well lit "safe" area. While that situation did sound very annopying, no harm was done and it seems the police followed proper procedure.

  • Chelle said....

    I don't blame your wife for not stopping either. Though she probably shouldn't have driven home but to a public place or the police station instead...you wouldn't want to lead a criminal to your home! At any rate, she pretty much did what they tell you to do so they can't get mad at her.

  • chilly said....

    Thing is, from the point her and the cops met on the road, there is no well lit place to stop. This happened only a mile or less from home. And she would reach home before any place else, so home was the shortest point to stop where there is lots of street lights. See, I'm talking about this is in the country. With small two line country roads within miles around. We do live within the city limits, but this whole tiny little town (town may cover 3 miles in size) is in the country.
    Sure I believe mostly that they were doing their job, but I don't see the right for rudeness they used is all I'm saying. Specially when the subject was something simple as headlights.

  • Zandranna said....

    Wanda was right in not stopping until she got somewhere she felt safe.

    It's dangerous enough in this country and I wouldn't stop here if I was on my own in a car, police uniform or not. And I certainly wouldn't stop anywhere over in America in the dark or on a lonely road.

    Those Dicks should have understood that and if I had been Wanda I would certainly have put a report in about them the following day to their superior.

    A similar thing happened to my Nephew many years ago now when he was in his twenties but with a differnt outcome.

    As he was driving along in the middle of the night someone came out of nowhere and jumped in front of his car.

    He swerved to avoid him and carried on going.

    When he got home the law was on his doorstep waiting for him.

    They asked him if anything unusual had happened to him on the way home. He said "Yes, some idiot jumped out in front of me and I had to swerve to avoid him". "That idiot was a police officer sir, he was asking you to stop"

    Jamie said, well I thought it was a drunk and there was no way I was going to stop at that time of night on that road for anyone.

    "We can understand that sir. Have you had a drink tonight?" "NO" says J. "Thank you sir, sorry to have bothered you"

    Seemingly they were doing spot checks for drink drivers.

    Another time my Niece was stopped. When she wound down her window and asked if she had been speeding or something. The copper said "No" but it might be safer if you put your lights on. "Oh thanks" she said. And that was that.

    Our coppers are so polite. I'm not saying we don't get the odd bastard that's had a bad day, but on the whole they are very good.

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