Man leaves Ga. jail naked, gets arrested again.


Sometimes, it's better to look like a jailbird than sport a birthday suit. Police say Bill Merit, 49, left the Chatham County jail and began walking by the side of the road, naked. Witnesses called police, who arrested him and jailed him again on a charge of public indecency.

A police report says Merit told an officer that he didn't take the clothes jailers gave him because he thought they were stolen. The report says the man "appeared rational, except for being naked."

Jail records show Merit had been booked two days eariler on charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Chatham County Sheriff Lt. Thomas Tillman said Wednesday Merit remains in jail awaiting arraignment. He says he does not know if Merit has a lawyer.

LOL! Some just never learn. ;)


  • Lou G. said....

    Well if the officer who gave him the clothes told him it would be cool to go naked then I blame law enforcement. Funny story though...

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the man is mentally ill.

    His behavior certainly indicates something going on -- either on drugs/alcohol or ill.


  • Lisa said....

    Hello!! I've awarded your blog with the Arte y Pico Blogger's award!


    You are under no obligation to participate in this meme. I just wanted to let you know how much your blog is enjoyable to read. I hope you will accept this award. Keep on blogging!!

  • Dyre42 said....

    You've been tagged with a six word memoir.

  • chilly said....

    Somethings sure not right! I was laughing about the cops if they were that stupid to allow him to leave jail naked. Kinda like maybe a setup. But if those cops are anything like the ones we have around here, well..... I understand...

    Thanks for the tag, Lisa and Dyre42! :)

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