Rare Black Watermelon Sells for $6,100

TOKYO - A black jumbo watermelon auctioned in northern Japan fetched a record $6,100 Friday, making it the most expensive watermelon ever sold in the country - and possibly the world.
The 17-pound premium Densuke watermelon, one of only 65 from the first harvest of the season, was purchased by a marine products dealer who said he wanted to support local agriculture, according to Kyodo News agency. The fruit is grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido.

In a country where melons are a luxury item commonly given as gifts, the watermelon's hefty price tag follows another jaw-dropping auction last month, where a pair of Yubari cantaloupe melons sold for a record $23,500.

But for watermelon, Friday's winning bid drew a gasp even from veterans of the expensive-fruit market.

"This is the highest price on record for a Densuke watermelon, and that probably means it's the highest of any watermelon in Japanese history," said Kazuyoshi Ohira, a spokesman for the Tohma Agricultural Cooperative in Hokkaido.

Growers expect to produce about 9,000 Densuke watermelons this year, Ohira said.

For seasonal, high-end fruits like the Densuke watermelon and the Yubari cantaloupes, Japanese buyers are often willing to pay top prices at auction for the prestige of owning the very first ones of the year.

Gee! Why would anybody spend that kind of money for something that's going to rot if it's not eatin' ????? Not to sure abut some things in this world. LOL


  • Anonymous

    jeez...that's one expensive watermelon..

  • LadyBanana said....

    Some people got more money than sense!

  • WhoIsMarc? said....

    i am really dumbfounded by that -_-" why would they want to spend so much for that werein you can use that money to help the less unfortunate ones. sheltering the homeless is a no brainer than spending your g's with this kind of stupidity.sorry for the blatant word.

  • VH said....

    That watermelon better taste like heaven or at least give some sort of buzz. That's insane.

  • C K said....

    Well, if you think that paying that much for watermelon is nuts, some Singaporeans pay as much for a stick of charcoal ("black gold"), which they believe that can bring them luck.

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