WOW! I need my Entrecard fix for today!

Sure there is joking around about being hooked on Entrecard, well, I think I am and having EC drops withdrawals. LOL!
Been a day without it and I feel like I've done something wrong by not doing my drops. ;)

As many of you know that does Entrecard, the site is down. Have been following a thread in the forum at The Planet which hosts Entrecards site. Looks like it's a very serious problem with a lot of damage. Hopefully all will be back to normal for them soon.

Here a link to The Planet if anyone would like to read it.

Hope all have had a great day! :)


  • Ana said....

    EC is back and I am sooo happy! I didn't know what to do in my day without dropping...

  • Unpredictable Life said....

    Hi there, thank you very much for consistently dropping in my entrecard. Your blog is one of the top droppers for the month of May 2008. If you are interested to check your name, just click here.

  • Pit said....

    Poor Entrecard- you really don't plan for your host catching on fire!

  • Sue said....

    One thing I'm thinking though, which no one has mentioned are they planning on giving any credits? The days it was out I had a lot of ads that were supposed to be running. Those were wasted if you know what I mean, I feel they should give you those credits back. Just wondering.

  • mommy's little corner said....

    hello! thanks for being a top EC dropper on my blog. i gave you a linky love. see yah ;)

  • LadyBanana said....

    I thought I was fed up with all that dropping but I must admit I missed it yesterday!

  • Ann said....

    (LOL) Thank you Chilly it sounds like me...I felt lost yesterday and actually my price went from 256 to 68 or something like that. Anyway, like ladybanana I thought I was fed up as well, but I missed Entrecard like crazy. Plus, that fire sounds bad. I hope everything will turn out o.k.

    Thank you for the link~



  • Angelika said....

    Just DROPPING by. :-)

  • chilly said....

    Hi everyone!!
    Sure it gets tiresome at times dropping every day, but does feel good to be back now. :)

    Thanks Mommy's Little Corner. It's a pleasure to make drops on your site. :)

    Ann, Mine went down a lot too, but went back up quickly. Maybe they are making adjustments to stuff, I dunno! ;)

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