Feel like I have a new blog again!

A few days ago I found a new link for Blogger to change some features on my Blogger blog. Stuff like import/export post and comments, embedded comments and comment box, a new post editor and a few new odd and end tools, a new designed dashboard. Blogger even offers star ratings for post, but I'm not using it. I really like the change and think it was well worth it.
Log into http://draft.blogger.com/ to make the change. You can always change back if not liked. You can see more about this at 'Blogger in draft'


  • haleyhughes said....

    I found the new comment box just recently and LOVE it. Makes the commenting feel so much less clunky. I tried to implement the stars (just as an experiment) but couldn't get them to show.

  • VH said....

    Thanks for posting this info. It looks very good.

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