American Graffiti

One of the best car movies ever made! ;)


  • Dave

    You are dead right, Definitely the best car movie ever made, Classic cars and old music.

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    I was a big fan of George Lucas in my youth. He was a car aficionado and this was his magnus opus! Lucas himself drove a Fiat Bianchino as a kid, went too fast in a drag race and lost control. The car was wrapped around a tree like a pretzel. Lucas was ejected, and his life spared, but he was mangled for months and almost died. The character (John, is it? I forgot) who drives the yellow deuce coup was patterned after Lucas.

    Just a little trivia for interest. :D

  • chilly said....

    Hello Dave and welcome! The music was turly awesome in that movie. :-)

    Hi Mrs.Mecomber! Always good to see you stop in.
    Yep the name John Milner played by Paul LeMat.

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