The mystery of my vanishing bookmarks is over.

Now this is totally crazy! But I figured out tonight what is going on with my Entrecard bookmarks list. I don't know yet if it's the way Firefox is set up or if it's something wrong with my computer.
This is crazy and I hope you understand what I am trying to say here and maybe anybody reads this, maybe it will save someone the trouble I've had if anyone tries to do the same.

What I tried to do was have a drop list for this site and a different drop lists for my other sites. Okay, what happens is, I made folders for each site I have in my bookmarks. If I happen to bookmark a site in one folder that is already bookmarked in another folder, then that site gets pulled out of the first folder and put into the folder that I'm trying to use. Understand that? Other words, I can't have a site bookmarked twice.
So that is how I lost sites that I had bookmarked.


  • dai said....

    ... but you retain one of 'em....
    Don't you?

    Are u using duplicate detectors?

  • MamaFlo said....

    Huh, I would have never thought of that. Have you tried the new sidebar for Entrecard in Firefox 3? It's perfect for what you're attempting to do.

  • flit said....

    how annoying would THAT be!

  • YummY! said....

    Huh..can yoiu put them in two different places if you re-name them two different things?

  • chilly said....

    @ dai, Yes, I don't lose the bookmark. But can't have the link bookmarked but once.
    If I try to bookmark in another folder, it picks up that link from one folder and puts it where I'm trying to place it. But I never lose it.

    @ MamaFlo, No but I am getting ready to go check it out now.

    @ flit, Yes, very annoying indeed.

    @ YummY, No, that doesn't work. I did give the folders different names right from the start. I can do this using IE7 just fine. But not with FF3

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