What the hell is wrong with this world today? At least in America. And what makes people want to screw over another person just because they can. Don't anyone have any standards anymore. Like with the gas deal going on right now. Not to sure how it is in other states, but Georgia is out of gas. And they say it may be 3 to 5 more days before any comes in.
This afternoon, we had to run pay some bills. While we were out, we stopped to get gas. Well, we only seen two gas stations with gas. So we pulled in a BP station that was $3.99 a gallon. The other place was $4.15 a gallon. Anyway, the BP station had a set price of no less than $20.00 worth of gas. Even if your car wouldn't hold $20.00, that is what it would cost you. But you could buy something in the store to make up the difference. Anyway, my point is you were forced to pay these people $20.00 or you don't get gas. Good news to that is, I have read that gas stations are being investigated for jacking up prices and how they sell it.
Today I even heard that my mother n law knows this one man that has large car dealerships and is closing down 14 of his dealerships because sells is so far down. That's a lot of people that won't have a job to go to. I'm finding more people every day that their jobs is taking away. I'm seeing many more people that are having their homes taking away also. When is someone going to wake up and bring jobs back to where they belong. Yet large amounts of money is being spent to sent soldiers to war. And for what? What's been done other than spend loads of money and get soldiers killed for what... and how are we suppose to help or fix things in a land where people are born and bred to kill us and those people don't want us there to start with.
There's been enough bad weather to hit and do large numbers of damage to America, that we could use that money on our own home land to work at getting back on our feet in America. But I think American's deep down are starting to see just who don't give a damn. Ya know, I just wonder what would happen if no one would show up at the polls to vote in this up coming election. Just what would happen if poll workers refused and didn't show up on election day. Think they would just give to the man with the most money. Wouldn't put it past them! ;)
When is enough..... ENOUGH!


  • bintang4 said....

    Looks like you're on a bad mood today, Chilly.
    I'm disturbing not..peace.

  • ê¿ê said....

    Yeah -- check my site to see just where I think the economy is going.....


  • TripTheLady said....

    We haven't had any shortages here in south georgia. the pilot at exit 101 on I-75 is currently $3.95 and i have yet to see bags over their pump handles. i don't understand why atlanta is running out.... makes no sense to me.

  • chilly said....

    Hi guys! Thanks for stopping in!

    @ ê¿ê, On my way to read. :)

    @ TripTheLady, hmmm, now why would anyone want to trip you? ;) Are you serious! Wow, I'm 30 to 40 minutes north of Atlanta and we have very little gas here. Some stations haven't had any in over a week now. Heard tonight from people we know, that North Carolina is running out too.

    @ Bintang4, LOL Yeah you might could say I am lately. ;)

  • Beth said....

    Hmm.. I am not sure what's going on down there, but here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul , we don't have that problem. I saw one gas station this morning which has $3.29/gal and on my way home this afternoon it was changed to $3.25/gal.

  • Mystery Man said....

    well, over here in Louisiana we haven't had any shortages. Of course, one of the refineries is on the other side of town, so that may be why. I do feel your pain, though.

    As far as when this hurting will stop. I just keep telling myself that soon we'll have a new, capable president who will get thigns back on track.

  • Periwinkle Studio said....

    I hear you! I wish people like us who do care would be heard....and that our voices counted. I want America to be again the great place it once was and very well could be because it is filled with some pretty amazing people! I want the resources to go back here and help us out for a change too.

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