25th Annual Barbecue Festival.

It's that time again! And Lexington, NC will be the place to be this weekend.

The 'cue is cooking, the balloons are being inflated, and the banners will be hung. Lexington waits in quiet excitement for the 25th Annual Barbecue Festival.
Within hours, over 100,000+ people will flood historic uptown Lexington. Each year, more and more people attend, and this anniversary I'm sure will be the biggest yet. It should be perfect, the food, the decorations, the performances.

At 9 a.m. on the Grandstand. Lexington Mayor John Walser will be presented with the first barbecue sandwich, Pepsi, glass of Fine Swine Wine and slice of 25th anniversary cake to get the festival started.
Around 10 a.m., the scrumptious hickory-smoked Lexington-style barbecue will start being sold from three tents in areas around the festival.

Six stages of music and performances will run all day in different areas of the festival. The Grandstand on the Square hosts WTQR's Guitar Pull. With Leeann Womack, Jamie Johnson, Adam Gregory and Randy Houser performing in the one of the festival's biggest attractions.

The Barbecue Carnival will offer rides and games for the little ones. Throughout the day, families can watch pig races at the Hogway Speedway and view the Lumberjack Show and Chop Shop. SpongeBob SquarePants will be there to meet and pose for photos.

Artisans and crafters will have their wares for sale, and a juried crafts competition will be on display all along the southern end of Main Street. Car lovers will enjoy the classics on display at the Car Show Extravaganza or the new and classic Corvettes on the other side of the festival.

Richard Childress of Childress Vineyards, Also owner of Richard Childress Racing will sell bottles of his fourth vintage of Fine Swine Wine for $15. Childress Vineyards winemaker Mark Friszolowki and Bob Timberlake, who designed the wine label, will autograph bottles for buyers.

Later in the evening, festival-goers will get a spectacular fireworks display ending the celebration for its 25 successful years.

I sure would love to go home for this one, indeed! :-)


  • Grill Girl said....

    It was a fun one. Wish you had been able to attend too. The line was long on the wine, so I didn't get any )-: I live about a half hour away, so maybe they have some at the vineyards. I have been thinking I should take a road trip and visit the winery.


  • chilly said....

    :-o You were there???????? You went without ME?????? :P LOL!
    Oh I know you had a great time for sure! Take any pictures while there?
    I want to get back there and go to the winery too. Childress built that after I moved away.
    Thanks for commenting and welcome here! :-)

  • Margaret said....

    I was thinking that you lived in Georgia, so wondered about the Lexington NC reference. Guess you are just a Southern Gentleman :P.

    Today was the Honey Pot festival in Honea Path, SC which is just up the road from me. We enjoyed an all-you-can-eat shrimp dinner cooked up by the church, but didn't get to see much of the festival itself thanks to issues with Ken's truck that required us to drive to Easley TWICE.

    Sorry you missed what sounds like a rockin' good time!


  • chilly said....

    Hi Margaret! Good to see as always. I do live in Georgia now. Moved here about 5 years ago. But I am from Lexington, NC.
    Shrimp dinner sounds great. Wouldn't do for me to get near all I could eat shrimp. I'd eat my self to death because I dearly love shrimp! :-)

  • Susan Helene Gottfried said....

    Ooh, it sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I could make it one year.

  • feefifoto said....

    Hey Brick -- I like your new Entrecard thingie.

  • Page McManus said....

    Love BBQ! Ridgeway, SC - 25 miles north of Columbia, SC - is having it's own barbeque festival this weekend. Friday night is "Anything, but ..." where you'll find tacos, veggie soup, shrimp & grits, etc. But Saturday is the day for pork lovers.

    Come on down, if you can!

  • Sharon S. said....

    I've seen this event on TV. OH how I wish I could be there. This past weekend I helped my mom pick out a piece of pork. She was going to bake it and shred it anyway so I recommended the pork butt. It was a great choice. It cooked well, absorbed the seasonings perfectly and was melt in your mouth tender. The flavor was mild almost like dark meat chicken only better.

  • PaulsHealthBlog.com said....

    Hey! I've got an uncle that owns a successful business in Lexington. And being originally from eastern North Carolina, I sure do love that barbeque!

    I can't wait to go home again and get some at my mother's restaurant!

  • Sue said....

    Too bad you had to miss it. That's sound like fun!

    I also have an award for you on my blog Here

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