To Be, Or Not To Be.....

Maybe the question, or hmmm... maybe it's not even a question if one doesn't care.

LOL! Ok now you may already be sitting there thinking to yourself, what's that mean or where's that going???

What that means is, the question is, Am I a blogger?? And where's it going is, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! ;) LOL!
Ya see, I spent the day yesterday thinking about my blog sites and my time on the internet. And about some of the sites I've seen and read. Ya know, there is sites/blogs out there about how to make money, how to live, how your blog/site may suck. Most of these people haven't lived life long enough to know half the crap I'm reading. Ha, they haven't even lived near half my age yet. LOL! So how do they know it all. Plus I haven't seen anything yet to even make me wonder if blogging can make money. Do you money making bloggers have a job? Way I see it, if that blog isn't paying all your bills so you don't have to work, then you aren't making or can tell me anything about making money blogging. Besides, who are they to say blogs have to be about, money, marketing, ads, how to this or that or your blog is crap/spam/garbage and don't belong! And all this bit about real or serious bloggers don't use Blogspot, you can take that stuck up in the weak mind crap and blow it out your rear! Every site out there is nothing more than a software program with words and pictures posted for the world to read.

Bottom line is that honestly what I was thinking of yesterday, it all just made me feel totally sick to my gut. Made me want to walk away from it all and close my blogs. But then I happen to think that some would love that. So I guess we can't let that happen, huh! LOL!
Why am I doing something that I don't enjoy?? Specially when it annoys me enough to stay on my mind and keeps me up tight until I seriously end up with a headache. And I figured out I need to change up some things and tomorrow I'm going to take a huge step back. I've rebuilt my drop list with less dropping per day. I'm going back to posting what I want to post, what I find interesting to me. Not what I think should be posted just so you'll read my blog. Shoot, if you want to read my blogs, you will, if not, then you want and nothing I can do about it anyway.
Going back to making time on the internet that I enjoy doing. Going to make time for reading blogs I enjoy like Army Mom:New Jersey, Mrs.Mecombers sites, New York Chica, LadyBanana, also time to enjoy the photos of New York Nitty-Gritty. The list goes on. There's lots of you out there that I enjoy much and I would visit with or without Entrecard. Thanks goes to Entrecard that I found many of you.

While I'm on Entrecard, I might as well say this to. Seems Entrecard is wanting to build quality standards in the site. Maybe I fit your "Quality Standards" maybe I don't. Time will tell if I come up deleted. I've seen some mighty fine blogs deleted from Entrecard lately. I will say I do not agree with many things that have happened on Entrecard and feel Entrecard was totally wrong in all ways of some things done, but with that said, I will also say that I have and do enjoy Entrecard very much. It has shown me some very interesting blogs along with some fine people. For that, I thank you! But I also don't care if I do get deleted. Don't want that, but if it happens, so be it...

You may also be thinking, why are you posting all this if your putting it all behind you??
Will, I did say I may post something for yesterday, but I didn't post. ;) Na, really why I've posted this is, I just felt I had to and maybe it would make me feel better to get it out. And I think I do feel a lot better now, though I haven't said all I'd like to say, I'll let it go.
Ok, going to shut the hell up now. That should be well enough spam/garbage for those that feel my site is one that is garbage and don't belong. LOL!
I'm looking forward to letting go and going back to enjoying posting again and having the fun I used to have. Even if I do end up being the only reader. ;)

See all y'all tomorrow! LOL!


  • Inspire Emotion said....

    Chilly.........good for you!! :)

  • Lisa said....

    If it wasn't for Entrecard, I wouldn't have found your blog.. I love what you write so I'll be back, regardless of Entrecard or not!!

    I'm looking for full time work outside of this blog to make ends meet b/c this blogging ain't making it!! It was really all for fun for me anyway :)
    Take care and I can't wait to see what you write about next!

  • Jude said....

    Hi there I know I always feel better when I let it all out. I don't think anyone would consider your blog spam and I wouldn't see why it would ever get deleted. Just enjoy yourself and do as you please. Take care.

  • Shinade said....

    I too am in the process of cleaning out many of my favorites from EC bar. It just takes too much time to sit and drop all day.

    I feel much the same way you do. I just took up photography and I really want to learn.

    To learn means time to take shots and practice. I can't do that sitting here dropping all day.

    I also just had a make over on my log and I truly want to make it as exclusive to photography as possible...and some writing. I do occasionally write a prose or 2.

    Now with all that said....I hope you won't delete me or haven't deleted me.

    But if you have that's okay...I kept you because I enjoy reading your thoughts.

    I am looking forward to your changes and wish you all the best.

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Here, here, Chilly! I think a lot us are feeling the pinch a little at EC.

    Just for your info, I blog for pay. I write paid posts from time to time. It's why I have so many blogs, to stretch out the posts. I make enough to feed my family of 6 (and four pets, ugh). But I work very long hours, and there is no "get rich quick" about it at all. So a person can make money by blogging, but very few make a LOT of money.

    I do think EC is going overboard with the "quality" standards. I hope I don't get deleted. I can't imagine you would. But like you, life will go on. I am honored that you still come by and visit me and my blogs, and rest assured, I'll always visit you. You have given me some hearty laughs!

    God bless and see ya around!

  • Margaret said....

    Hey Chilly -- when something fun becomes a chore or something you dread, it's past time to stop doing it.

    Blogging is or was supposed to be like a diary, you know? A journal only on the web where other people could read it instead of your nephews finding all of in these books all over your house, written in cramped and illegible handwriting but containing some great stuff that the world pays them a fortune to publish.

    You're cheating your nephews and grandkids out of their inheritance by doing this on the web.

    You dastard you!


  • Daisy said....

    Don't let the mean people win! I hope you will continue, and that blogging will be a source of fun for you.

    I cannot imagine that your blog would ever be deleted by Entrecard!

  • Anonymous

    Just as an exercise, try running All/Newest from your toolbar, or better All/Cheapest. That way you will see what they mean when they are trying to clean things up. They aren't going to be deleting your blog, not at all!

  • Debbie Lane said....

    carry on!

    I am glad I found you through entrecard. I have chosen to leave, but, not without first bookmarking some fabulous blogs, such as yours.

  • chilly said....

    Thanks everyone!!

    Hi Shinade, all the luck to you with your photography. Hope to get to see some. I enjoy people photos much!

    Hi Mrs,Mecomber! Are you serious?? WOW, maybe I can look into that and see what I could do with it. I've tried different things in the past that didn't turn out to be worth my time.

    Hi Margaret. LOL If my blog was a diary, I think it would crash real quick. One would have to have a life to keep a diary.

    Hello A. I think their clean up goes a little deeper than the newest or cheapest blogs go. I've seen some great blogs that were high on the pole get deleted.
    But really anymore, I decided today that I really don't care which way it goes. I'm just going to do my thing and Entrecard can do what they have to do.

    Hi Debbie! Thanks!
    When the hell is Entrecard going to wake up!! I'm really sorry to see you leave it. But when I didn't find your widget, I just felt this was what I was going to learn. But totally, I understand you leaving. And really, now today, I am thinking on it myself soon.

    One by one people are leaving Entrecard, that is if they are not deleted first. I have now made a new bookmark list. It's for the blogs that I want to keep visiting that is not with Entrecard anymore. I have 7 blogs in it already and seems before long it will be a large list the way it's growing.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! Always a pleasure to see you here! :-)

  • LadyBanana said....

    Do not give up on the blogging.. I know myself, I often sit back and think why am I doing this. It seems to get a bit overwhelming sometimes trying to keep up with reading other blogs and posting myself and working out of the house full time.

    We have to remember we do it for ourselves, not anyone else.. the fact that anyone else comes along to comment is the icing on the cake..

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