0 Carb Diet

Saw on tv where some dude went on a 0% carb diet and lost a lot of weight. So I got to thinking on it and if anyone really could do it. Then I ask Wanda if she thought someone could really live on 0 carbs.
Then she goes into telling me what I wouldn't be able to have. Now what do I think about it??? Ohhhh NOOO WAY! That would mean I have to give up my very favorites like taters, bread, any kind of pasta noodles. There's no way I could ever give those foods up even for one day! LOL


  • Jeff Iversen said....

    I'm with you Chilly. We need carbs for energy. When you cut carbs out for any length of time, you are on another starvation diet. You lose weight but as soon as you go back to eating the way you did before, you gain it all back again any way. Dieting is a short term solution to a long term problem. That is why diets don't work for long.

    Check out my story of permanent weight loss and more of my thoughts on this at
    "Is Your Scale Broken?" http://aiminghigher.blogspot.com/2008/08/is-your-scale-broken.html

    Why Is Junk Food So Addictive?

  • chilly said....

    Hello and welcome Jeff Iversen!
    Oh I agree with you. I've tired different diets through out my life and so far up to this point, I've never seen a diet that you could ever go back to way you once ate. But in the past I did find Weight Watchers worked the best for me, but gee, you have to own a gold mine to do their diet.

    Thanks for the links! I surely will have a look. :)

  • LadyBanana said....

    That would not be a good diet at all, far too drastic!

    You need to cut down all food groups but not cut them out, and do lots of exercise.. Trying myself to lose a few pounds and I am, slowly slowly..

  • chilly said....

    Hi there LadyBanana!
    Exercise?????? Gee, your talking dirty now! You mean I can't just sit here at the computer all day, but cut back on food?? Waaaaa! LOL!
    But yeah, I know your so much right about the exercise. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sandi said....

    I say do NOT do it! I have cut carbs before and lost weight. I however think there is a faulty belief when it comes to low carb. People believe they can eat all the red meat, bacon, eggs, sausage, etc they want. My dad felt that way. He lost a whole lot of weight on that low carb diet. He got so small and guess what? He had a massive stroke. The same year I saw Luther Vandross on TV talking about his massive weight loss watching his carbs. He died of a stroke later that year. My dad was lucky to recover but I have always been nervous about it since. You still can't eat all that unhealthy food just because it's low in carbs. =/ I love my bread and taters too much anyway. Oh and Pasta. *DROOL*

  • Cecilia Sherrard said....

    Low carb diets are great for diabetics and those who really need to lose the weight fast. Naturally, diet and exercise is ideal, but if it were that easy, everyone would be fit and healthy... The low carb diet only works when you are strict with it. 20 and under a day. If you cheat or don't follow it, you pick up the negatives to eating the high fat/high protein foods. If you're not going to do it right, don't do it all.

    Not one person except maybe Lance Armstrong and that swimmer dude with the weird mouth need large amounts of carbs in a day. Unfortunately, Americans today are addicted to carbs and it has become the major focus of their daily eating. Being overweight and continuing to eat massive amounts of processed foods and carbs will lead to the strokes everyone is so afraid of and worse...Your body can only process so much fat from things like steak, sausage, etc in a day. The rest it gets rid of. Do your homework.

    I say try it. Do it for two weeks and watch the weight shed. It will at least give you a nice motivating jump start. There are tons of foods and recipes you can live with and love. Just know the way the diet works with the body and how strict it is before starting it or you'll fail.

    Oh and hi Chillyman.

  • Lynne said....

    I had to cut back on carbs due to cholesterol, but, I've found that I can substitute whole wheat pastas and, not only do they taste good, they seem to be more filling so I don't eat quite as much!
    Bread on the other hand is a favorite of mine and I do have trouble cutting that out or substituting it with anything!

  • desperateblogger said....

    rice is a staple in my country. i tried to do without it for 5 years and i did lose a lot of weight - 40 lbs. now i'm back to eating rice and i gained 15 lbs in a span of 6 years.

  • TheCoffeeLady said....

    Any extreme diet never works... balance is the key. The more natural ~ the better.

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