Meme of a different kind

I want to thank Polly from Random Ramblings for tagging me for this different kind of meme than I've had before.
I've picked a book to use for this Meme. Now I don't read books lately as my eyes have gotten to the point that reading gives me headaches. Yeah I know, stop putting it off and give in to getting some glasses. LOL.
So I have grabbed a book that Wanda has read. The book title is 74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber. Published by MIRA Books.

These are the rules of the Meme....

1 Pick up a book
2 Open the book at page 56
3 Find the fifth sentence
4 Post the text of the next two to five sentences
5 Choose something other than your favourite book, don’t look for one that you think others will be impressed with.
6 Tag five people to do the same

and so here are the contents of the book …

Her mother stood, too. "I should go. Your father expected me back at the office half an hour ago."

"I'm surprised that he didn't call your cell."

Corrie smiled.

Now for who I want to tag.....
I'm passing this one on to all that has ever commented on this blog if they would like to do it. :-)


  • bintang said....

    I don't like to read a book and this tag is perfect for me.
    I just need to read at page 56..LOL
    I'll do this tag later Chilli :)

  • Lisa said....

    Yum, I love Coconut Cake. My family is all over so we're staying at home. It's five of us so that's enough for a feast..LOL
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too! Don't eat too much!!hehehe

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