Rat Rods are to Kool...

Some may wonder what's a rat rod. Well, one way to explain it may be to say, most rat rods kinda looks like they've been eaten on by a rat. ;)
Rat rods is a car, truck, or even a motorcycle from styled into a hot rod from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. But there's no rules say it has to be that early model. But always to appear as unfinished and meant to be a daily driver.
You'll find some covered in rust, some painted and some primer and no paint.
The interior is nothing special either. Most times with not even carpet on the floor. Maybe the seats won't match the car or even covered with blankets. Whatever you can find cheap and easy.
The drive train can be anything from a gas engine to a diesel engine. A 4, 6, and alsoV8s. A lot of rat rods use the old flathead engines. Same goes for the transmission and rearend. Whatever you have or can find that will fit and bolt up together, use it.
The rat rod is meant to be fun and driven. A way to have a cheaper head turning driven hot rod and no worries of damaging it. :-)


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