Here's my playground

Over look the dust, alright! lol


  • LadyBanana said....

    Very neat and tidy!

  • Monica said....

    Hi Chilly! I'm curious.... whatcha drinkin'? Iced Tea?

    Your space looks comfy!

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    AHA! I KNEW that's what your desk looke dlike! My StatCounter told me everything! ;) lol...

    A fan and iced tea. LOL. You wouldn't see that in NY until... JULY!

    I think I have the same old HP computer!!! (Well, my kids have it now). It came with Windows ME eons ago.

    Nice desk. I'll bet you have a lovely view from the window, too.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Ladies! Thanks!
    Yes it is iced tea. I normally keep a glass of iced tea all the time. Love the stuff!

    LOL @ Mrs.Mecomber! You got to stop that peeking in on me like that. People are going to start talking. LOL

    Bet I would have the fan and tea year around in NY. ;) Wanda sits in here with a small heater facing her and I use a fan. She burns me out most of the time. lol
    Yes it's an old HP PC. Got it from my brother-n-law for free. I think it was a 98 or ME, but he had upgraded it to an XP. Gave it to me to see if I could mess with it and make it work. I deleted tons of old files, cookies and defraged for a couple days. Now works great.
    Notice my desktop wallpaper?? Snow scene in NYC.
    lol (may have to click on picture to make larger to see)

    Pleasure to see you guys stop in! :)

  • Mike Golch said....

    Chilly,nice setup!

  • Anonymous

    looks cool chilly and might of guessed you would have iced tea there , now im thinking you should try the english tea with hot water , milk and sugar mmmmmm lol


  • Cosmos said....

    But ready to play on!

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