It's Snowing In Georgia. (updated)

Finally! Mrs.Mecomber took her sweet time,(guess what they call "in a New York minute". ;-) ) But I knew she wouldn't let me down in sending me some snow if I kept pushing her. What a great friend, huh! LOL!
You can click on image to make larger.
Updated new photos below.

And the snow is still coming down pretty hard. :-)))


  • Spicybugz said....

    I'm in FL, and I just read about your snow. Brrrr. I moved out of PA to get away from all that crap. It's very windy and temps are dropping here. You can keep that snow tho hahaha.

    For some reason I thought you lived in CA. I don't know why I thought that.

  • chilly said....

    Hello Spicybugz! Nope, I'm just above you. :-) I love the snow a lot.
    The ground shakes to much for me to live in CA. ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by. Pleasure to see you!

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Holy cow, you finally got the snow!!! Well, I got the kids and their friends together, stood them in a line, and told them to blow it on down. Guess it worked!

    Enjoy! And drive safely, dear friend. ;)

  • Wanda said....

    Thanks for sending it to us, Mrs. Mecomber...LOL ;-) We have both enjoyed watching it fall and cover the ground today.

  • chilly said....

    ROFL!!! To funny and Spoken like a true Yankee! ;)
    Just kidding, I love all Yankees!

    Your too much, ya know! Thanks and great to see you pop in!

  • CrAzY Working Mom said....

    Congrats on the snow! We got a light dusting here in central Arkansas. I'm glad it wasn't more, though. I'm ready for Spring!!! :)

  • Karen said....

    Wow! The weather is crazy all over the US!

  • ê¿êspi20 said....

    We got the snow too and thunder and hail as well! What a crazy day! Hope you didn't lose power like we did!

  • Mom's Cafe said....

    I can send you more snow from frigid Ontario if you would like :)

  • Running mommy said....

    Nice pictures, but for me: I'm through with snow! All I want is Spring!

  • Shinade said....

    My old man delivered in southern Alabama and called to tell me it was snowing. He was in shock!!

    I hope you guys had fun. Hey we lived in Hahira for a while.

    My oldest got her Master's at Valdosta state. We love Georgia!!:-)))

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  • LadyBanana said....

    Ohh a Winter Wonderland and it should be spring now! lol

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