How much can you give, While they keep taking!

[QUOTE=Andy T]Thats just it, there is nothing to discuss. And there is nothing that [B]NEEDS[/B] discussing. Unfortunately, you are in the percentile that has to pay for others mistakes. I am open to any discussion through private message, irc chat, googletalk, facebook chat, etc. I am open to any ideas. Send me a message or even an email.

You can email me at: andy[at]andys-blogs[dot]com

We are not banning people from the forum. (with a small exception.) We have just developed a new forum that requires approval before attaining access or posting permissions.

If it means a lot to you, then please ask me for help. I am all for sending credits and helping people in their specific situations.[/QUOTE]

YOU just don't get it, do you????????? You don't treat people like a text book full of rules!! Closing any of these forums off to Entrecard members, (specially the General Chat) is the dumbest thing done in every way. You guys still claim Entrecard is community. What do you think General Chat is for??? It's for people to learn each other, to meet and make friends and yes it's away to find to blogs. Even to discuss likes and dislike about Entrecard and anything else under the sun. Without people getting together, you have no community, no matter what your crazy ideas floating around in your heads tell you. And that goes for all of management. You guys had better wake up before it's to late more than it is now. (And Andy, for god sakes, your only 19 years old, you haven't lived life long enough to know what 1000's of people need. Much less try to be this ruler of a forum as your doing.)
And yes, I know your going to delete this, 1. because you won't listen to the members of Entrecard, 2. because you won't think of hearing what's good for Entrecard, for you've got it drilled into your head what is best for us and you don't know crap, 3. Because your so power driven you can't stand for someone to speak up and you have to be the all mighty ruler.
I'm done now and I'll maybe, and I mean a big maybe, come here and read, but I won't waste my time posting anymore.
Above is a quote and post between Andy and my self, which Andy felt he need to delete because management can't talk hearing things unless it praise. The last time I looked, Andy had deleted 80 some odd posts from the thread.
The forums change of lately is just a small part of the problems I have with Entrecard. But it is just another part where they are showing how little they care about being fair to their members.
The widgets sharing ec ads with paid ads is my biggest complaint. Not fair to either side. I do not run the paid ads here and it's also becoming to much trouble when advertising and trying to find other's that don't run paid ads so mine will show 100% also.
Since the paid ads came out, I've had maybe 4 ec adverts to come my way and traffic has fell way off, but I've had over hundred paid ads wanting to advertise on this blog. I do 300 drops every day and with the return coming back anymore, just not worth it.

Oh and while I'm thinking of it, I'm sure most of you had noticed many blogs have been deleted lately and some of you were the ones getting deleted for one reason or the other. Who do you think was doing these deletes and who's ec's were growing to a huge amount.


1. This was a call from a higher power than myself.
2. I am very open to any ideas. Please message me as I have offered many times.
3. Graham believes in negative controversy, this is nothing to do with bad rep slinging. It is expected there will be negative talk about entrecard and its decisions. For gods sake your bloggers, most bloggers have a blog. And tons of people blog about entrecard. Anyways, this isn't penalization. I'm taking these case by case.
Another post from forums.
Reading that quote.....
Does that read the same to you as it does to me??? Does it seem that Graham is doing all these games with us knowing that people will blog about it, drawing traffic towards Entrecard to check out what we're talking about. Other words, he is using us for his pawn????

HERES a nice little read I found this evening that I think most will find very interesting. And please do click on links you find there and read.

Well, and it looks like now it's come out that we get a penalty if the widget comes up "No Such User" or "Invalid". Just keeps getting worse. Link on this subject is HERE.

By the way, I posted a comment over on Shoemoney blog to a post there about Entrecard and it hasn't been approved. I guess either Graham paid him to not approve it or Shoemoney is to thin skined to approve my comments. Or both! LINK HERE

I wasn't planing on posting about Entrecard ever again, but I had decided yesterday, I think I have one more post to give.
Having say all this, Entrecard is becoming a huge pain and I'm just sick and tired of being used. So, soon I will be removing the widget from my blog. By the way, Wanda has said, if I leave, she's leaving too.

Thank you! And thanks to all for your visits!! :-))


  • Zandranna said....

    Well, for some reason I seem to have been kicked out of the forums. I don't seem to be able to log in anymore. Is this because I haven't posted there for a while and need to re-register.

    It's very weird because all I see on all forums except for Support Issues and Announcements is private forums. Even the introductions forum seems to be private.

    Me thinks I will just go wipe my entrecard off my blog right this minute.

    There seem some strange things to be happening at entrecard since I have been missing for a while.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Sandy!
    Thanks have changed a whole lot in the forums. The way it is now is the way they have it set up. Below is the new rules.

    You must apply to join the Approved Users usergroup via your User CP


    Include in the request the link to your dashboard.

    The rules for the new structure will be:
    You must be an entrecard member.
    You must have purchased 400 ads
    The only all user area will be community support. Anything that is not a valid community support thread will be deleted.
    From here forward there will be no bashing of any kind.

    Items will be added as needed.
    If any thread or post is deemed unacceptable it will be deleted. The second instance will result in a ban.

  • Tina said....

    You have shared some valid points here. I, too, am shut out of the forums because I have not purchased 400 ads yet. Never mind that I'm an active dropper and have been a member for almost a year.

    This really is getting crazy...

  • Sly Hoax said....

    This would be the third time I've had to register for their forum...and frankly, I don't use it enough to really care.

    $1 per 1k ECs is a cruel joke as well... I remember when ECs were worth half a cent each!

  • Apollo said....

    @Sly Hoax: I remember when 1,000 credits sold for up to $9.99...there was a time where you could purchase credits from EC for (I think) $6.99. Does anyone still remember when you could sell credits on ebay?

  • MamaFlo said....

    This sucks Chilly, SUCKS!!
    I don't want you and Wanda to leave EC!!!!!!!!!!!

    I applied on Monday I think it was and still haven't heard back.......probably means NO. I have purchased more than 1700 ads and been a part of the community since October 2007 when I quit smoking and started blogging.

  • Zandranna said....

    Well, I don't intend to play their silly games. They have turned it into forums for the elite.

    I have removed my widget from my blogger and I wont bother to even log into EC anymore.

    Please tell me how, with everyone locked out of the forums, newbies wanting to know what EC is all about can get any information or help.

    Whoever owns it has gone crazy. That's not a system anymore, it's a club. What pea brain system turns their help forums "Member by Application"

  • Laura said....

    Hope you join the forums at CMF Chilly. We do chat there and the only changes are from Ben changing the formatting. Posts are not deleted just moved around now and then. It's a growing forum, evolving.

    I left EC because of the changes to the forum mainly. The forum had become pretty useless but still, it was there. I'm not letting anyone tell me whether I qualify to be a part of it. So I asked to be deleted and removed all my widgets right away.

    Hope to see you at CMF. Bring a limerick for the Games threads!

  • flit said....

    seems to be a lot of this sort of thing going around

  • jude8753 said....

    I hope you and Wanda don't leave even when I bookmark people after awhile I forget to go visit. I certainly hope Entrecard straightens itself out soon.

  • "Annie" said....

    Excellent, as well as helpful post Chilly. And congrats on slowing down on the cigarette smoking...You are brave...and brave people can do it~ before smoking :0/ After :)

    (The first "drawing" is supposed to be a cigarette hanging out of your mouth.)

    Alright, I'm leaving....Cheers~


  • chilly said....

    Hello everyone and thanks for stopping in!

    Hello Tina! Yes, that 400 ads brought to be able to use the forums is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. If anything, just make the forums read only. But then that only supports censorship which Graham is all about!

    Hi Shy Hoax! LOL! I did give the dollar amount a quick thinking one night and came up with, I had 6000 credits and it took me two weeks to get those. If they think I'm going to set here for $6 in two weeks worth of dropping, they're more crazy than I thought!

    Hi Apollo! Yes I do remember the prices for ec's and also that ec's were sold and brought on ebay. Seems like a long long time ago now. ;)

    Hi MamaFlo! Yes it does suck a lot! Don't really want to but I'm getting so sick and tired of the garbage. And it wouldn't take much to turn things around if they won't get their minds off of anything but themselves and remember they don't make us, but we can break them. I will say that leaving is not set in stone but as of right now, I'm planning for leaving.

    Hi again Sandy! It is sad that management has forgotten what a community is all about and has taken the community out of Entrecard. The nice thing is, I can still see a lot of community with us bloggers.

    Hi Laura! Thanks, but I'm not sure Some would feel I fit CMF. That is why I haven't bother to try it. But come to think of it, I'm sure it's the same with Entrecard. lol

    Hi Flit! Yes it sure does seem to be. Getting so your not sure what to do anymore. So many times I have thought of just closing down my blogs and just find something else to do.

    Hi Jude8753! It is so ez to lose track of blogs. Dropping on widgets is the one thing helps me the most in visiting blogs.

    Hi Annie! Thanks a lot! Been 10 days today that I haven't had a cigarette. So far I still miss them but I'm sticking to quitting. Thanks!

    Always a pleasure to see you guys stop by! :-))

  • ☆Willa☆ said....

    they are started to get in my nerves, they open a forum withouth even know what it means, forum,open to the public,free to join, but now, their forum is private, you need to buy an ads worth 400,so it's like paying so you can join their so-called VIP! they want to keep their conversation private so they can talk abt the members behind their back and at the same time, they can kiss each other's behind and praise their boss how brilliant their idea is!! what an @$$!

  • ☆Willa☆ said....

    and btw, they thought they are heaven sent to a blogging community, well maybe before, not anymore, they are doomed to destruction because of their own stupid economic strategy!

  • *lynne* said....

    Reading this has helped me decide - I am bowing all my three blogs out of EC. I've set 15th May as the end date, in order to fulfill some sponsorship obligations, let ads run their course, and to get rid of my credits by placing ads with really expensive sites, bwahaahaha!

  • Garden Gnome said....

    Chilly, I posted a comment on the shoemoney blog comments under Mom's Cafe Home Cooking". I was very surprised that the comment was posted and he did let some other negative comments go through as well. You know it just seems like entrecard is not satisfied with biting the hand that feeds them! They insisted on shooting themselves in the foot and as if that wasn't enough they have now shot themselves in the other foot. Go figure! It's as if Graham really does want to destroy entrecard. I can't help but wonder why?

    I'm following both you and Wanda on my blog reading list so neither of you will lose a reader. BTW, I love the new design you did for Wanda's blog. Very nice!

  • chilly said....

    Hi Willa! One has to wonder where their minds are for sure!

    Hi Lynne! Glad I could help you understand and see more about Entrecard to what it is. But don't jump ship just on what I have posted. I only post what I see and learn.

    Hi Garden Gnome! I did see those comments there. Is why I wonder why mine couldn't be approved. Most people just can't handle some things I have to say. I only say it as I see it. ;-)
    Yes, I have no idea why or how if it's true, but I do really wonder sometimes if Graham is really out to kill Entrecard. It could be the biggest thing on the internet if he would just wake up and do what needs to be done instead of the lame crap he pulls.

    Nice pleasure to see each of you stop in! :-))

  • Crazy Working Mom said....

    I've still got my widget up. I am not approving paid ads. I will not do this. My ads have slacked off as well as EC traffic. I just drop on the folks who are in my reader and I visit anyway. I just don't think it's worth all of the headache anymore...

  • chilly said....

    Hi Crazy Working Mom!
    Yes I totally agree. It is much a headache anymore. Every night seems I delete any where from 2 to 3 blogs that I normally drop on. Because they have been deleted or they left entrecard. Mostly top blogs and many that enjoy is not around anymore. Very sad to see Entrecard going down hill like it is.
    Now I see people are putting in help tickets and getting no replies and no service. The forums are dead as graveyards. Seems the mods show up very little even. Have to wonder what is going through managements head because they are sure killing Entrecard fast!

  • Beamer said....

    I'm joining the leaving Process of E-card as well.


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