Got A New Toy Today.

Went to the doctor again last week for follow up. Took blood from me again for testing and got the news back. Some how the blood test can show what's going on from 3 months back and seems my sugar is high. And the pills I've been taking for under active thyroid has my thyroid pretty much normal. But I'm still feeling as tired out because my blood sugar is high.

Getting very confusing to me!! I don't understand how the thyroid was the problem before, but now that it's much back to normal and I'm still the same, it's now my sugar level that's making me sick and tired. Get what I'm saying??? Seems a bit odd to me, just to say it nicely! ;-)
Anyway, I now have another pill to take twice a day to bring down my sugar and stick my finger twice a day to check the blood sugar. Yuck!!
First check today was 297. Suppose to be between 107 - 142. Guess it's a little on the upper side, huh!


  • Lady Banana said....

    Take care of yourself!

    I think we measure sugars differently over here as a reading of 297 would mean you'd be dead I think! LOL

  • chilly said....

    Hi there!
    Guess it is different, at least I hope because I'd hate to wake up dead. lol But really I do think we read it different than you guys because so far it's reached 318 and I'm still kicking.... I think... lol

    Great to see you stop in! :-))

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