Test, Test And More Test

Latest update on how I am coming along. Many of you will remember I've had a lot going on this year with health. How I am coming a long has not been so good for many months. To recap, I stop smoking nearly eight months ago. The more I quit smoking the sicker I got. Maybe something to it, maybe not. I just don't know but may wonder if the tar and nicotine was covering up and hiding a sickness going on in side me. Anyway, for months now I've felt bad one day, feel good the next or feeling good or bad would change through the day. Get tired, muscles hurt, get out of breath real ez, get so tired, legs give out and I fall. Some days sleep 14, 16, 17 hours before I wake up. Some days sleep 3 hours and be wide awake. And that stuff is still happening today after all these months of not smoking.

At start, my doctor done test, found thyroid under active so she fixed that and I'm still having same problems.
Next she found my blood sugar high and thought maybe that is problem plus my body holding water. She fixed that and I'm still having same problems, so she set me up to see a Neurologist.
So not he sent me for some testing and we'll see what happens after his testing is done. lol But he did learn enough from my visit to him to know there's a problem that can make me do the things my body is doing, just have to find out where the problem lays. So........

This past Friday, I went and had a nerve conduction test done where they stick needles and run electricity to your nerves and muscles to see how they react. Don't care to ever do that again!!!

Now today I had a few more test. One was an echocardiogram and checking my heart for blood flow, leakage and if I had a stroke at sometime.

Next I had an carodit ultrasound test designed to check the blood flow in the arteries in the neck which supplies blood flow to the brain.

Then the fun came this evening when they done an mri of the brain and also an mri of the cervical spine. And then some odds and ends x-rays of the alignment of my neck and back.

The mri wasn't to bad, except you have to lay still without moving and took about 45 minutes with you laying inside of the tube with the walls maybe a couple inches from your face or any part of your body. Plus they clamped my head down so I didn't move it. All in all, the mri wasn't to bad.

I think, but not sure because they wouldn't tell me answers to each test, but I think all test went good except for maybe the mri. Because after they let me out of the mri machine, the guy running it ask me if I ever have numbness in my legs. That made me go hmmm for a minute.

Now to wait for my doctor to correct information on all these test and tell me what it takes to fix me.

Update:Dr called already this morning. MRI didn't go so good. Have appointment to see a surgeon later this month.

The way I understand it all.....
The surgeon I have to see is about my cervical spine. I'm having pinching of the nerves and my spinal cord. I'll know more into it when I set down with the surgeon.

Also I have something called, Neuropathies. Seems I've been a diabetic much longer than I thought and the diabetes is the reason for the Neuropathies.


  • Garden Gnome said....

    Chilly, I'm so sorry to hear of you not feeling well. Hopefully your doctors get everything sorted and you start feeling better shortly. Take care!

  • Lady Banana said....

    Oh dear, sorry to hear you are not well. That's a lot of tests you are having there, hopefully whatever they find will not be too serious and the treatment be straightforward..

    Keep smiling :)

  • Mrs Mecomber said....

    Aw, hang in there. My MRIs are never so good, and I have leg numbness-- it's a herniated disk that I have. I just learn to take things easy. Which means make the kids do all the work HAHA!!

    The good thing about that nerve conduction test-- sounds like you passed if it hurt so much! ;)

    It's good you quit smoking. I can only imagine how tough that must have been (and is). You hang in there!

  • chilly said....

    Hi and Thanks Ladies! Great to see you stop in.

    Mrs.Mecomber, I think the quit smoking came easier than this mess I am dealing with now. lol

    Ohhhhhh, and I don't have any kids to do my work. You think it's possible that your kids would go along with me borrowing them for a while??? LOL!

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