Links Links And More Links....

Jeezzzzzz, it's all got my head spinning! Been working on what gets linked where this evening and I got to say it's all crazy stuff on the internet today. Trying to find good sites that will link where you want. Like getting twitter and a facebook fan page to update when this blog makes posts. Or getting this and that to post on facebook when I do something, say on Flickr or Utube.

And not to mention how many sites there are around the internet that will posts a link from here to there and then back to where ever who knows where, maybe back to the planet Mars!
Oh yeah, then you have to deal with all the sites that will pick up this blog and posts a link more that once at one place. LOL!! I run into that this evening on Twitter. I had posts that were catching up from a year ago and updating on Twitter 2, 3 and 4 times of the same posts. I'm hoping I have that problem corrected now! *crossing fingers* lol

LOL! Someone once told me blogging was fun. AGGGGH! Where's he at right now............. ;-)
Alright, good day all, that's all for now!


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