Gee, I'm getting old or what!

Today so many things have made me think of the past for some reason I do not really know. Stuff like Saturday morning cartoons, getting up early on Sunday morning so I wouldn't miss the chance to watch the old westerns on tv with grandpa. Later was thinking about how much fun it was to meet up with my friends and go bike riding all over town. Hell, back in those days, kids could go anywhere around town and parents didn't have to worry about your safety. And playing with the girls in school, Sometimes even playing tricks on them. ;) Or even maybe trying to get a girl to skip class with you and hide out behind the school for ummm..... Ok, I don't think I need to tell details on that subject. LOL!
Then tonight someone made me think about Woolworths stores. I haven't even seen a Woolworths store in many years. I had forgot about the drinks and hotdogs, grill cheese sammiches, etc... we used to get there. Sit down at the counter and take a break from shopping. Damn I always hated having to tag along with grandma when she went shopping, unless she bought me a toy. LOL!
Oh damn, but those sure were the good ole days indeed!!


  • Heidi said....

    I miss Woolworths, too. It was always full of really interesting stuff - much better than our "dollar" stores now.

  • chilly said....

    Hi Heidi and welcome!
    Know just what you mean, I never really ever find anything I want in the Dollar stores.

  • andy said....

    nice the older days. now there is too much control and fear of i guess the boogyman. nice blog i shall returnhttp://inthedark-andy.blogspot.com/

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