6 Best Oddball Firefox Extensions

Secret Word Grabber - Inspired by the “secret word” off of Peewee’s Playhouse. Yeah, that’s enough of that one already. As long as it doesn’t expose itself to me we will be alright.

OfficePoltergeist - Turn your web browser into a web server… of terror!

Anti-Paranoia - No, this extension will not spy and destroy your personal data, remember: Everything is good! Don’t panic!

Firesomething - This extension will give Firefox an identity crisis by generating a new randomized browser name every time you open a new window. Who doesn’t want to use Firetoad?

RandomMessage - For those of us out there who really do like to be bugged with random messages with no real purpose behind them. Excellent tool for those people who want to look busier than they really are.

STOP! Hammertime! - You can never get enough MC Hammer. Yeah, I had the baggy pants when I was young and you know you did too.


  • Ther said....

    it is very difficult to read your posts with the white background and very light peach (?) text. You might want to change that color into something else or your readers might lose interest in even trying to read your posts. Just a friendly advise.

  • chilly said....

    Hello Ther and welcome!
    You see a white background?? You should be seeing a dark red background.

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