Do you use Spottt?

And if you do, do you surf other blogs using the system??
I'm not seeing it is worth it to be placed on my site. And I know I won't be surfing through it anymore. To many sites on Spottt have pop-up ads and the ones that redirects you to a full page ad. I don't do ads and no time to be bothered with them.
So I guess I'm saying that poor Spottt is going to have to find a new home. ;)


  • Mee mOe said....

    I don't track spottt like Entrecard or "Banner Exchange" I just leave it on my site so that it trail through other sites. "Banner Exchange" is worth it though...have you tried it? don't mistake it as "Banner Exchange Plus" because they are to different sites.

  • Jon said....

    I've only recently joined spot and like you I am finding that many of the sites are loaded down with adds. I don't mind a few well placed adds, but when they're popping up all over the place it's more than a little annoying.

  • LadyBanana said....

    I've not used Spottt so can't comment.

    Do you think Blogupp is worth the space it takes? Do you track visits through it at all?

  • chilly said....

    Thanks Terry! I will look into that one! :)

    Hello Jon! Yes they are very annoying.

    Hi Ladybanana!
    Have been running through my mind today about Blogupp too. There is no way to find out about stats for Blogupp. Blogupp sys about stats.....
    (the average blogger, who represents the majority, doesn’t care of stats.)
    This gives me an idea. I'd like to know that answer. ;)

  • Guardian Angel said....

    I joined Spottt for a week I think. I quit using it because I found no difference with EC but bloggers are more familiar with it.

    I think I was right because I am not hearing about them lately.

    About Blogupp, it's new to me but if they can't show me their stats, what's the use joining? How can I check if they're effective or not.

  • Jim L said....

    I've had Spottt for a while now. Doesn't really produce much traffic (next to none), but also takes zero extra effort to get free impressions on other sites. I don't surf through it, that's for sure. I'll probably deep six it at some point, but not until I find something I want to replace the space with.


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