Right or Wrong?

At a message forums that I hang out at a lot, but might I say, gotten very tired of it. The 'Terms Of Service' says ....
"Can not cover or obscure the banner advertisements on your personal profile page, or any Yuku page via HTML/CSS or any other means"

Would you say it would be in violation of that rule if someone used one of Firefox's adblock addon to block out ads placed on pages?
I'm kind of going both ways, right and wrong on this. You wouldn't be doing anything in the systems scripts page because the add ons are downloaded to your computer.


  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Blocking the ads on your viewing end is not a breach of the terms of service, unless there is a statement saying you may not do so, specifically. They have the right to have ads, but they do not have the right to force you to view ads. It's like them forcing you to keep your eyes open to look at ads, rather than you closing your eyes.

    It's kind of like how the First Amendment was established. We the people have the right to freedom of speech, but we do not have the right to force people to listen.

  • CyberCelt said....

    I would agree with mrs. mecomber. People with visual disabilities may use screen readers, which do not show ads, just the alt text. Image like Opera is a good one.

  • Zandranna said....

    Hi Chily, well, you know my views on this one matie. I'm in total agreement with the posters above.

    Of course adding extra coding to any specific 3rd party hosted message board that obsure ads would be against their TOS if they so stated but what one downloads to their own comp is no ones business but their own in regards to blocking ad viewing.

    What many websites and message boards can't get is that the more ads, and especially pop ups they have the less chance they have of someone visiting them more than once. There are many websites that I avoid like the plague because of their pop ups. Although I don't know why they bother with pop up ads nowadays because 99% of us have pop up blockers anyway.

  • Carl does SEO said....

    Totally agree, and there is a legal expression yo could use, you are fulfilling their requirements within the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law. In other words you are not blocking the ad on your profile page but you certainly have no intention of viewing it on your PC.

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  • chilly said....

    Thanks everyone for your comments! More I think on this subject, I see no wrong in using the Firefox add on and will keep using it as long as I go there which is becoming harder and harder to bother logging into yuku. It's really going down hill as the buggy system has people that knows nothing about building a message board system.

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