God + Jesus - Geezzz, Why in the world do we need them today?

LOL!!! Ok, slow down. I can just see the look on some of your faces when you read that title. ;)

Alright, I let a post on a forum suck me into a thread this morning. Person wanted to know why people can't trust them. They used excuse of why not trust them when they even post about Jesus on their site. Right off the bat a red flag went up in front of me. Why should I trust you just because you believe or talk about Jesus? And why do you have to use Jesus/God. Just because you have Jesus/God nothing to do with trust toward a person. You earn trust as a person and how you treat people. Are you there when they need you? In todays times lots of people, when you throw up the Jesus thing, their going to run because they don't trust you not to throw religion down their throat, or are you out to try and change my religion. That's fine you believe in God/Jesus, but don't use that and think it will get you peoples trust. Specially not in todays world.


  • ettarose said....

    Chilly, that smacks right up there with "I am not a racist, some of my best friends are black." Warning bells? You know it.

  • chilly said....

    *weeeeee* don't get me started on racist people. LOL!

    I hate people being racist with a passion! I'm surrounded with them down here in GA.

  • Metallman said....

    Hey there. It's like people at work. They'll throw in the "I know (insert name of very important person here)", and think that they can do what they please. Trust is earned, not given, and anyone that comes up to me and makes some stupid remake like, I'm not a racist, tells me more about their character than anything else.

  • Angelika said....

    First, I agree with what Ettarose said.

    Secondly, some of the worst events in human history have happened in the name of "religion".

    My mother goes to church every Sunday. It did not stop her from being abusive while I was growing up. It has not enlightened her in ANY way that I can see in her 60+ years on this earth.

    Congratulations for talking about Jesus. Now look at who YOU are and see why people don't trust you.

  • C K said....

    Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why religion, race or even gender is an issue. I was talking about this with a buddy of mine the other day, and we were thinking that the E.T. (if there's is anything/anybody out there) must be laughing their socks off at how we treat each other.

  • Bobby said....

    Most people fail to realize that Jesus is not a real person, he is based on mythology - he never existed. He is based on the Egyptian sun god, Horus, who was also born on December 25th, had 12 followers, started his ministry at age 30, healed the sick and blind, walked on water and on and on. Horus is also a myth. It amazes me that people base their entire lives on mythology. Also, many overly religious people are just bigots who use the religion card to exalt themselves.

    Hahaha...see, you've got me rambling on. Thanks, great post:)

  • Zandranna said....

    I am not a religious person, spriitual yes, religious a deffinate no. But I do believe Jesus existed. I don't believe he was the "Son of God" or God in mortal form as some believe.

    I do think it possible that he was a very spiritual person and could see far more deeply than others. I also think he would be horrified to know that a religion started in his name being as how he hated the priests and religion himself.

    All the twash we read in the Bible about what he was supposed to have said in order to twist and turn the truth to give church the authority is simply that, twash, if anything the man taught only two things. One was to love all as one would love themselves and two, to forgive not only others but ones self as well. That to me does not speak religion but rather a way of life.

    I knew a Catholic family when in my teens. Every week they used to go to confession, including the Father, and every week we could hear him beating his wife up until one of his sons grew big enough to give him a taste of his own medicine. Funny how the wife beating stopped then.

    Religion is simply a way of controlling the masses and can do a lot of psychological damage to some brought up strictly in a religious background.

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