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Entrecard Cookbook

Got a favorite recipe? Maybe your mother or grandmother fixed a favorite dish that always stuck in your mind? Everyone knows nobody cooks better than grandma! ;)
Diet Pulpit , Endangered Spaces, and Turnip of Power are putting together an ebook of recipes and if I understand right, there will also be a few different subjects added to it also.

You can find out more about it here. Entrecard Cookbook
You might as well come on before the deadline and be a part of it. You know you want too! ;)


  • Lady Rose said....

    Thanks so much for helping to promote the project!

    Yes we are accepting a few other "creative" submissions (just for a touch of spice) - so if you don't cook, perhaps you have poem, drawing, web comic, or bit of humor (keep it PG13 please)

    or ask your mom for your favorite childhood recipe or borrow your neighbor's recipe

    but don't miss out be a part of the Entrecard Cookbook project that will sweep the web!

  • Liza said....

    thanks! you're one of my top droppers. cheers!

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