Man Gets DWI After Riding Motorized Cooler

One New York man's Memorial Day fun ended when police pulled him over while he was driving his motorized cooler.Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr, 57, was charged with driving while intoxicated and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after the police saw him swerving on the street and driving on the sidewalk in his "Cruzin Cooler," Whitehall Police Chief Richard LaChapelle told the Post Star newspaper.

Marr's electric-powered cooler was filled with 14 beers and has room for 24 cans and ice.
Under New York state law, driving any motorized vehicle must be done without alcohol, including motorized coolers. In various states, other modes of transportation in which driving is prohibited while intoxicated include lawnmowers, boats, bicycles, golf carts, wheelchairs and horses.

The "Cruzin Cooler" Web site features talk show host Ellen Degeneres riding a cooler. The site praises the vehicle, saying it "combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere without walking."

According to cruzincooler.com, the motor or electric-powered cooler can go up to 13 mph and has hitches to attach a wagon that can pull a 400-pound load on level surfaces.

LINK to cruzincooler.com

I gotta have me one of them coolers! LOL!


  • Lynne said....

    Those are the coolest coolers! Guess it's a good idea to check out local & state laws before drinking & driving your cooler! :-D

  • Elle said....

    Well, dern! They're just not letting anybody have any fun. Very cool cooler, though. Need one myself, although the two male people would commandeer it for sure.

  • Boutique said....

    LMAO. Reminds me of when I was a PO and had a guy who got a DUI on a bike. I thought at least he was trying to be semi-responsible. That cooler could probably do some damage. I'm still crying...too funny.

  • Mee mOe said....

    yeah ..Chilly..get me one too and we can putt-putt together..lol..miss reading all of your blogs, but I only have a hour on the computer at the library...((HUGS)))

  • The BenSpark said....

    I saw one of those at a Buffett concert. I want one. Heck with gas prices the way they are that may be my next vehicle to commute with.

  • pit said....

    You can't operate a wheelchair drunk? Discrimination! Everyone deserves a cold one now and again.

  • Chelle said....

    That's pretty crazy...they've cited them here to a lot of people for strange things!

    Let me know if you're still having problems with the entrecard widget on best of stupid - I was away last week but seems it is working now!

  • wyche128 said....

    Funny story but this guy is an idiot.

  • erik said....

    I saw a drunk guy get pulled over riding a lawnmower back to his house. Not the brightest.

  • Anonymous

    it's now on mky wish list..:))

  • BillyWarhol said....


    GEE I wonder where the other 10 Brewskis went!!

    oh lordy too damn funny*

  • chilly said....

    LOL Pit! I know for a fact you can't operate a wheelchair while drunk? Be there done that. ;)

    Chelle, Thanks! I'm looking at a few things here on my end to see if I can find the problem too.

    Billywarhol, they also made cooler wagons to pull behind so theres lots of room for the beer.
    We could just build a train of wagons. LOL!

    Terry, Thanks and I do miss you around and your postings! Be real good to see you back online!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments!

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