We are coming up in this world now.

In this little town where I live, if you want much you have to go to the next town over. But looks like after I had given up on this place, we are still trying to grow. I mean we only have 2 stop lights, 2 banks, 2 gas stations, 1 small BBQ restaurant, 1 very small chinese restaurant, 1 Subway that don't make much money, 1 CVS drug store and 1 Ingles food store, a small City Hall and police dept., we use to have a Hardee's but closed down because didn't make any money. But now I'm so happy to say we have a McDonalds. Why does that make me so happy? Because now it will take me about ten minutes to have an Ice Coffee. I love those and I may even go all out for getting me a happy meal to go with it. ;)

Can I get something for anyone while I'm there??????? :)


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  • LadyBanana said....

    We have McDonalds all over here in London and I've not had it for ages now - it's nice, occasionally.

    Enjoy your meal!

  • Mee mOe said....

    Wow...an hour just seems like a minute here at the library..sorry I haven't been online lately, hope everything is going great with you..((((HUGSSS)))

  • chilly said....

    Thanks Ladies! Good to see you stop by!

    Lady Banana, occasionally is all I really will be doing because doctor says to diet. ;) But I still can go in now and then for a Ice coffee. :)

    Hi Terry! Super to see you online. Yes, an hour is very short and I would love to see you back full time again!
    Hope all is good great with you!!
    ((((((HUGS)))))) back atcha'

  • feefifoto said....

    I didn't even know McDonald's made iced coffee.

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