Your Japenese name is....

LOL! Hope I've done this right! :)

I've been tagged by Lady Banana to do fun the Japanese name meme!

On The Bricks = Moto Chiriku Tushikimimeari

chilly = Mirikitatafu


I really enjoyed doing this so will tag the following who I hope will enjoy as much as I did!

Nice Place In The Sun

New York Renovator

New York Chica

MamaFlo's Place

And anyone else who would like to do it, just let me know so I can come see!


  • LadyBanana said....

    Glad you enjoyed it, now just try pronouncing those names! LOL

  • chilly said....

    LOL!!! Don't think I can. ;)

  • haleyhughes said....

    How fun! Just call me Rikatakufu, or Rika for short.

  • Rachel said....

    That was fun Chilly check out mine

    Baked Blog = tukamekute tutamoji

    Rachel = shikamiriketa

    I don't think I could say these either but it was a fun little distraction of the day.

    Take care C

  • DineometerDeb said....

    I'm Tekutu

  • Ann said....

    This looks like fun Chilly. Thank you for tagging me, and I will return with the results.


    Cheers~ Ann

  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    hey thanks, Chilly, now I have the most vesere sace of slysdexia yuo can miagine!


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