Project Wonderful

Not sure I am reading things right over there and can't find just the answer I'm looking for.

Can someone tell me where does it tell me just how much money is mine made from the ads? Thanks for any help!


  • Margaret said....

    Sure Chilly. Log in and that first page that loads says "you have $xx.xx active in your account"

    That's all yours baby.

    If you've clicked off that fist page, up at the top on the right, under personal, there's a link that says "my funds" and it shows you the same thing.


  • C K said....

    In addition to what Magaret was saying, you'll make 75% of the gross revenue made by your ads. Say if your ad brings in $1/day, you'll get $0.75.

  • chilly said....

    Thanks guys! Those are what I was going on, and I thought, 'noway, that's to simple to be right'. LOL

    Cool! I'm not getting rich, but I do think I'm going to like Project Wonderful very much. LOL!!

  • turnip said....

    When you log in there are the words on the right saying "My account at a glance". Below that it will say how much is in your account.
    For example:
    "You have $9.32 active in your account."

  • chilly said....

    Cool, Thanks Turnip!
    I had never seen the words "My account at a glance" before, which means I had never seen that page yet. Some how I had bookmarked the site on my inbox page, so I always went in that way until now. I bookmarked it now on the home page.

    I'm a slow learner sometimes, but I get there in due time. ;)

  • suplado said....

    how much can be earn by this? just sign up a while ago....

  • suplado said....

    I mean signed up a while ago.

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