Calling all Entrecarders

That I normally drop on. Got a little bad news it seems. I normally drop from a bookmark list. Somehow, sometime today some of my links to some of you went poof into thin air. This has happened before a few mnths ago with Firefox. I set up 6 sets of 50 links in bookmark favorites. But now I only have anywhere from 32-47 in each set. Be nice if I could pray to the internet gods and all links will be back into my bookmark list in the morning. ;) Man dang, I hate this bad because I'm sure I'll miss someone!

Anyway, I remember most avatars when I see them for all of you that I drop on, plus I remember in my head most sites I drop on and I'm going to go though my inbox and anywhere else I can look and repair my list. Guess this is the down side to dropping from a list, plus I should have had a backup also I guess. I'm sorry if I miss some of you in the next couple of days while I work on it.


  • Ann said....

    Thanks Chilly. I wanted to let you know that you dropped on me, and the same thing happened to me not long ago. I'm sorry it happened to you too. It is aggravating. Anyway, hang in there~


  • trench said....

    Dont forget me!! hehe.

  • Cromely said....

    I hate when things like that happen.

    I use different computers a lot so I've begun to rely more on del.icio.us for managing my book marks.

    I'm also starting to experiment more with Bloglines for managing RSS feeds.

    Combining those two with the Entrecard favorites function helps me manage my regular drops, even when I'm at the "wrong" machine. For a long time I've been reluctant to embrace teh network computer and cloud computing, but somehow I seem to be doing that anyway.

  • Sue said....

    Sorry that happened. That's a pain. Don't forget me -lol. You're like my #1 dropper every month! :) Hope you can get it straightened out.

  • bintang4 said....

    ermmm...excuse me!
    Do I was ever on the list? LOL...

  • Angelika said....

    I don't know if I was ever on your list, but I forgive you if 1) I wasn't and 2) I'm not on there now.


  • chilly said....

    Hey THANKS guys!! Each of you are a big help. I think only one of you I still had on my list. But now I got each of you back. :) Thanks!!

    Cromely, I don't know why this happened. Last time was right before Firefox 3 came out. I only lost about 4 list, but my list of sets got all out of order. Going to make backups of backups on top of backups this time when I get it fixed again. LOL

  • Mee mOe said....

    Thanks for the comments, someone hacks into my google account and posts whatever they want. I would think if I just change my password it might stop it...good to hear from you (((HUGS)))

  • MamaFlo said....

    If you haven't already downloaded the Beta edition of Entrecard, go do it right this minute so you have the SIDEbar - it's fabulous and you'll never have to worry about this again.
    Go get this Beta, you won't be sorry.

  • BioTecK said....

    I use Foxmakrks to save my bookmarks and to use them from any computer.
    Maybe you could give it a try. For more info check this page on my blog:

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