Can someone tell me what this mess is?

Everytime I upload a template, I get these little blocks all over the place.


  • LadyBanana said....

    Oh dear, I'm sorry I can't help...

    But I have seen these little blocks before only if I am looking at something that might be in Chinese or Japanese, so I guess it's the browser not understanding the text..

  • Mike Golch said....

    sorry,I'a babe in the darke whe it come to this.

  • Sly said....

    I see these blocks as well- only in random places. I recently blew out my video card(the fan broke), and I think that is to blame for my strange texts.

  • Glam said....

    Hi Chilly,

    You're probably doing something wrong. That is the template in it's encrypted form, I believe.

    I'd have to know more to give you a more definitive answer/fix.

    Oh, and Turnip is great with Wordpress, and loves to help! :)


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