Change Of Pace For This Post.

For anyone who follows this site, your may be wondering what is this innocent looking Nash-Healey doing on a site with hot rods.
Well, I came across this little car while surfing the internet and I've pretty much always liked the Nash-Healey for a little get around sunday afternoon driver. And with fewer than 125 Nash-Healey Roadsters were ever completed. One would cost you more than the price of a Jaguar or Corvette.
But this one has had a touch of mildly customizing by George and Sam Barris. So now this one is a 1953 British car with an American touch added to it. Hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I do.

Sweet, but not exactly the little gas saver anymore, huh! LOL!
click on pictures to see larger image


  • Dave

    This is a little on the lighter side of what you usually post but any petrolhead can appreciate old classics like this. Class will never go out of fashion.

  • Carol said....

    Love the pictures! When I was a teenager in the 1960's, my older brother had an Austin Healy Sprite and I loved to ride in that car. He even let me drive it...once. I gave it too much gas and spun out a little in a gravel parking lot. LOL Too bad he had to get rid of the car when he and his wife had a baby. ;)

  • Beamer said....

    That is so sweet.


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