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What a huge headache! CommentLuv is just not ready for Blogger yet. I spent maybe 4 hours last night working on it and I'm guessing about 5 hours today and still it didn't work right.

Couldn't get the little check box to enable CommentLuv into the comment posts to show up. The area for typing in your site url wouldn't show up. Three comments vanished after about ten minutes and two comments haven't shown back up yet. Peoples names who made coments started showing up as my name made the comment. Comments mixing up out of order. Emails telling me that comments have been made came twice per comment, but showed up as me making the comments.

Couldn't get things going last night, so I went to the help forum hoping to find out why. First off, the Blogger and CommentLuv forum was empty with no posts at all there. Maybe that should have given me a clue. ;) I add my troubles in there and left. It was late and didn't figure I'd get help that late. I went back about an hour ago today to look. I could see where many posts were given help today in other forums, but the Blogger forum had only my post setting there with not even a hello or anything. Not even views.

Hopefully I have everything working again as it was. Except some comments still show me as making them and two others still not shown back up. Oh well, What can ya do! Guess we can't have everything, huh? LOL


  • Andy Bailey said....

    your first forum request was made at 2.30am my time, of course I'm not able to respond to it.

    I've just got home and got to your message after helping 6 other people who posted before you.

    the forum is empty because you're the first person to ask for help.

    if you need help then I am here but not at a moments notice, there are many other support requests I have to deal with that aren't to do with commentluv. I'm sorry you are dissappointed but I am just one person and I have more than this going on in my life.

    if you'd like to get some help, please try again and let me know so I can help you

  • chilly said....

    Hello Andy! I understand that. The wait time for help is not really my problem. And I think I said in the post above that it was late and that I waited the night and most of today to go back and look to see if an answer was there.

    My problem is with all to many bugs in the CommentLuv scripts for Blogger. And it gets worse than I said above and on the forum. I've been getting emails plus one comment in the next post below from anybody and everybody that has ever commented on this blog, that they are getting an email notices every time comments have been made here. So maybe I'll try it again later down the road when all the bugs get cleaned up.

  • Lady Banana said....

    Would be nice to have this.. when it works ok!

  • Andy Bailey said....

    @lady: it does work ok, just not when this blog tried to install it.

    there are a few blogs using it now, try it there and see how it behaves.





  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    CommentLuv hardly works right on Wordpress blogs. It's always 4 or 5 posts behind my current one, wherever I comment. It's nice getting a link when I comment, but I find it rather buggy. Good luck on making it work!

  • eyeman said....

    so, better you chance to wordpress. :)

  • Suzanne said....

    I got it working, thanks to Andy. Come see!

  • dslr admin said....

    very nice..

  • Fly Fishing said....

    Yeah why dont you just mover over to wordpress, or is it you like the blogger's use ability?

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