No high dollar PC repair bill for me!

Once again, if I put my mind to it, I'm not paying out for a large PC repair bill. Ok, just a recap here to what has been going on for close to a week. Wanda got what we learned to be a fake email from the United States Postal Services. Well, shortly after she opened it, her computer started messing up. Not only that, my computer even slowed down and we couldn't be online at the same time. Then I started watching the lights flashing on the modem and router. The lights on her side for her computer were starting to flash a lot faster than they normally did when my side was a slow flash. This was even happening when she wasn't using her PC. I knew then she had something heavy running in the background but we couldn't find anything and Mcafee wasn't catching or showing anything. Once again Mcafee shows to be not worth a crap!

Then it got to be for me to get online, I would have to disconnect her PC from the router. I was learning then she had a serious problem with her PC. So I went online looking for a virus scanner. Found PC Tool had a online scan that we could download free. After a couple hours of scanning, If I remember right, it turned up 951 infected files and one called a TrojanDropper. A nasty little SOB. LOL!

Now for the pain of this. PC Tool rounded up all the infected viruses and files. BUT..... to fix and delete them, we had to buy their software. Oh well, so off to the office supply store we go. Picked up Panda Security Antivirus Pro 2009 for $29.00 and comes with a $10.00 rebate. Brought it home, ran the software again on her PC and after awhile we learn again what PC Tool had told us before. Fix and deleted the mess and now all seems back to normal again. So we fix Wanda's PC for roughly $20.00 and a couple gallons of gas going to the store for software. Yeah ok, maybe it took me longer to fix it than a repair shop would have taken, but it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to do it. ;)

Oh yeah, That junk crap called Mcafee has now been deleted from Wanda's computer!

TrojanDropper may use your computer's system resources to execute its malicious tasks. TrojanDropper may use your memory, internet connection and your bandwidth to run itself. A sudden change on the speed of your computer can be a sign of being infected with TrojanDropper or spyware. Can also effect the speed of a network of computers also.


  • Rachel said....

    Sorry to hear about the problem, but I am glad you got it fixed, those trojans are nasty bugs, good thing you got rid of it!

    Take care

  • fragileheart said....

    *sigh* Norton Antivirus isn't any better. I remember buying earlier this year and it was scrapped from my computer only a month later. $80 down the drain.

    Glad you were able to fix it at such a low cost - who are you kidding anyway? The repair shop would've kept your computer for 2 weeks even if it took them 10 minutes to fix it!

  • Anthony at Work-at-home-wealth.com said....

    Use Nod32. I've been using it since 2003 and get only one virus in five years. (it was my fault because I get my PC turned off for about 7 days and when I turned it on, I went straight to check my e-mail instead of letting the antivirus update itself before.

    BTW, it has nothing to do with the post, but you are among my "top eleven" EC droppers of September.

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