When did simple go out the window?

Hey, do you have a Breakfast Room or how about a Great Room? What is it about with houses these days? This stuff has hammered my brain for 4 years now when I think about my home. When Wanda and I were looking at houses, this is what we found in every house we were shown. So I have a Breakfast Room and a Dining Room. Why not a Lunch Room while we are at it?? LOL! But what gives, when did I get up in the world that I can't have every meal in the one room. And that goes for the Great Room too. When did people stop calling it a Living Room. I'm a simple guy. If I go fishing, give me a simple rod-n-reel with worms or dough to use for bait. I don't need any of those fancy store bought lures to catch a fish. ;-)
This Breakfast Room is about a 12 x 12 wasted room. Pull out the wall and make a Bedroom bigger, or let the Living Room(Great Room) be larger. Better yet, the Kitchen could be larger without the Breakfast Room.

But what do you do, go with the way of the world. Guess I'll still be working on that one until I go to my grave! I'm to simple! ;-)


  • Anonymous

    Well hello there!

    I thought I'd chime in here.. ;)

    The house I grew up in was built in the 30s. They called the room off of the kitchen the "breakfast room". That meant, it was not for entertaining/dinner just low production cereal, pancakes etc. Then, there was the "bonus room" or "rumpus romm" - which is like our "family rooms" today.

    It seems there are specific names to assist you in where to eat and play. LOL

    Architecturally you will notice differences to be sure. One is fancy, the other is for the kids throwing a ball or two in the house.

    So it's not new... it's actually bringing back the old.


  • Mrs. Mecomber said....

    Hey there! So you're looking for a new house?! So cool!

    Yeah, I don't like all the "Breakfast Room" lingo, either. My house has one-- well, the folks before us made one. They basically wrecked a perfectly good room to make this weirdo space off the kitchen. I wish they had just made a bigger, better kitchen.

    Dining Rooms are meant for big formal occasions-- Thanksgiving and stuff. I don't like wasting rooms, so we use our Dining Room for all meals.

    Have fun house browsing. Be sure to include photos sometime, I'd love to see!

  • MAC said....

    This is one of the reasons I bought a condo. Space is exactly what it's supposed to be. Bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathrooms. Life needs to be simple.

  • Beamer said....

    I'm with you. Kiss - Keep it simple stupid. Also FireFox version 3.0.4 is supposed to have a real bad memory hog thingy to it. Not good from what I hear.


  • T

    With the prevelance of McMansions the idea of extra rooms help justify the huge prices of these houses. My favorite examples of excess and waste and stupidity are the empty nesters with 3500 square feet and two people in the house.

    I'm waiting for contractors to start adding towers to houses. Maybe call them lookout towers or maybe even scenery towers.

  • Kathy at The Junk Drawer said....

    I hate my dining room because we never dine in it. We're an "eat in front of the TV" couple. I wish we could tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and make it one large kitchen. I suppose we can, but we're also the "great idea, but we're lazy" couple.

  • Anonymous

    My parents once had a 1930s house which had a breakfast room off the kitchen. But this was England. I've never heard of a great room. No doubt the idea will make its way over here too, if I can work out what the idea is.

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. :)

  • MammaDawg said....

    LOL - we have a breakfast room, officially called the "Morning Room" by way of the floor plan.

    Me? I call it the Project Room. Yep - we don't ever eat there, but we sure like to get our work spread out over there.

  • MamaFlo said....

    I feel the way you do about making it simple although I do like the idea of less rooms being larger rooms. I could deal with about 2200 sq ft with living space, large eat in kitchen, bedroom and 2 full baths (that would make for large rooms).

    The exception to simple is my technology, that needs to have all the bells and whistles.

  • Shinade said....

    We're pretty simple here. We have a kitchen, dining room,living room and a den. And our bedrooms. And i think having a den and a living room is a waste. We never use the living room. so I want to knock out the the little opening between the 2 and combine them.

    Oh my would that mean that I had a great room then? I'm not sure. it is all very confusing these days!!

  • chilly said....

    hmmm, so the Breakfast room has been around, huh? I'd never had room so I guess I never knew.

    @ Mrs.Mecomber, No, we are't looking for one. We bought this one 4 years ago. If I was to buy another, it would be in NC or NY. :-)

    @ Mac, You can bet so many times I do wish I was back in an apartment or condo.

    @ Kathy, LOL Same here! Many times Wanda and I do eat in front of the tv or computer. I'd love to also take the Breakfast Room and make the Kitchen larger.

    @ MammaDawg, Same here! LOL Can't remember the last time we ate in the Breakfast Room. It's just there wasted space.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! Always a pleasure to see you! :-)

  • Cecilia Sherrard said....

    I think all these vaulted ceilings in these great rooms are entertaining too. It's become the thing to have, a two story foyer and great room. Way to utilize the space and way to save on heating and lighting... I'm a Realtor and the things I hear from buyers and the things they're in to are so unique and sometimes so interesting. To put it nicely. - Hearth room, morning room, sun room, den, breakfast room, solarium, etc... etc...

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