Where did it go......

Growing up, going shopping was always fun. Seems like every Saturday morning we would climb out of bed and start early. Even if sometimes it was a real dummer having to tag along with my mom and my grandmother when they would look at clothes or maybe dishes. But I always knew the day would end pretty good because I always managed to come home with some kind of toy. And Christmas shopping was always a blast.

Couldn't wait until we got to each store to hit the toy sections and see what I wanted the most. I'd make up a wish list for Santa in my head and try to remember it all by the time I got home to write it all down. We done our Christmas shopping early every December, and that gave me lots of time to get my list made and mailed to Santa. Anyway, there was no making a lazy start on Saturday morning like some Saturdays are today. We would be up and going early getting uptown to all the stores. I remember when we would hit all the stores like Woolworths, Sears, J.C.Pennys, Sky City, Kmart, Belks and a lot more that slips my mind right now. But they were all on main street at the time and we would park the car and walk to each one. Store owners would even know your name. You would really know you had walked it by the end of day too. We always got back home Saturday night just in time for grandpa to ask if we bought out the stores and to sit down with grandpa to watch wrestling with him. He loved to watch wrestling. He'd sit on the edge of his chair making a fist like he want to get hold of the bad guys. lol

Today, I don't even know where any Woolworths stores are. And Most towns or cities don't have a Sears and Penny anymore. I know my home tome only has a Sears mail order store now. Now it seems everybody ends up at Wal-Mart for everything they want or uses the internet and have products sent to thier homes.
Christmas was a lot of fun back then when getting to see what I'd get for Christmas, and everyone getting together at grandma's house for a huge Christmas dinner and opening presents. I can remember grandpa would get down in the floor with me playing with the Hot Wheels cars and track I'd gotten. One year I got a train set, I thought grandpa would never leave it alone and let me have at it. lol

Even growing up and getting to old for Santa to visit, Christmas was always fun. Still we would meet at grandma's with presents and big meal. Watching kids grabbing at the wrapping paper trying to open presents. Then trying to get pictures and videos of the kids with thier toys. Also trying to keep the dogs out of the Christmas tree or keeping them from licking the kids faces. It was also fun catching up with family members that you hadn't seen for a while.
I must have taken a long nap somewhere a long the way because here it's only a couple weeks until Christmas and I haven't even started Christmas shopping. There's no kids to watch and grandma and grandpa has passed on, family don't much get together anymore. Hell, we don't even get snow anymore. lol

What do ya do, you get older and the world moves on every day. It's still going to be a good Christmas. :-)


  • skyM said....

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  • skyM said....

    I believe that that's usually when you find the true meaning of Christmas. It's always been within ourselves and not in any package you could ever buy/give.
    Our gift is ourself
    Happy Holiday Chilly :D
    Your twitter friend,

  • Sue said....

    Christmas ain't what it used to be! We used to be happy with one or two toys now the kids get so much!

    Oh well try to enjoy it anyway! Happy Holidays!

  • LadyBanana said....

    I've not started any Christmas preparations, it's all too commercial now and not like it used to be where we were happy with the small stuff.

    Woolworths here has just gone under and all the stores are closing down which is really sad as my generation grew up with good old Woolies..

    See http://tinyurl.com/6h72vg

  • Karen said....

    It is nice to think of the old, good times and make new traditions. Merry Christmas!

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