A Big Thank You......

To all my top droppers for January.
Dropper # of drops
Septagon Studios Inc News Blog 31
A Simple Life 31
Mommy's Little Corner 31
The Modern Mom 31
moms..... check nyo 31
Parental Instincts 31
verITableLIFE 31
Lofty Matters 31
1 Blog and 2 Sides 31
Life's sweets and spices 31
But honestly, I want to thank everyone who drops on the ole blog. It's truly a pleasure to have everyone stop by. :-)


  • Christina said....

    Thank you so much for your continued loyalty. During this past month you were my #2 dropper for 30 drops! I am in awe! :)

  • chilly said....

    Thanks Christina! Always a pleasure stopping by there. Got to have my coffee and a read, ya know! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by! Pleasure to see you!

  • joel said....

    Hi, Chilly. Just a suggestion if you don't mind. I think it would be more cool if you can link the droppers to their sites instead of ECs. Thanks for dropping by my blogs everyday.

  • CrAzY Working Mom said....

    Hey Chilly, I just wanted to stop in and say THANKS for being my TOP DROPPER! :)
    I've posted my top 25 today and wanted to personally thank you for stopping in. Have a great Sunday.

  • chilly said....

    Hi and thanks for the tip Joel! I have fixed the links now so they go to each blog.
    I had just copied and pasted from the stats page on Entrecard. Guess I should have checked behind it, huh! ;-)
    Thanks! And it's always a pleasure to stop in on your blog!

    Hi Crazy Working Mom! Thank you, I always enjoy stopping by there and a pleasure to drop. Thanks for stopping in and your drops!

  • Liza said....

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks Chilly, it's my privilege to be featured here, and for one whole month, wow!

    I am also glad that my 3 blogs made it to your top dropper list. Hope they'll be here again next month. Thank you for the links.


    A Simple Life
    Moms... Check Nyo
    Mommy's Little Corner

  • modern mom said....

    thanks for the link post. :D

  • Canucklehead said....

    Well, the Steelers were the better team today - congrats.
    As well, thanks again for your continued patronage.

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